FUE Transplant (24 years, NW 3, 2564 Grafts)

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Prix : $3,000 - $5,000
Le score medihair évalue l'esthétique du résultat, la satisfaction du patient et les détails de la clinique.


  • Sexe :Male
  • Âge :24
  • Échelle de Norwood :3
  • Médicament précédent :Finasteride
  • HTs précédents :None


  • Méthode : FUE
  • Lieu de traitement : Turkey
  • Année de traitement : 2020
  • Greffon transplanté : 2,564
  • Zone des donateurs : Back of head
  • Durée de l'opération : 6 hours
  • Diamètre du poinçon : 0.8 mm
  • Superficie totale transplantée : 120 cm²
  • Densité : 22 grafts per cm²
  • Moyenne de cheveux par greffe : 2.0
  • Médicaments : Finasteride, Biotin 7.5mg from surgery and Regaine 2x daily from week 4 post surgery

Participation des médecins

The more involved a doctor is involved in the surgery process, the better the quality and consistency a patient can expect.
Pré et post-briefing Extraction du greffon Ouverture des canaux Insertion des greffons
Assistants médicaux


Le score Medihair se compose de trois parties : L'évaluation de Medihair, l'évaluation des patients et les détails de la clinique.
Le score medihair évalue l'esthétique du résultat, la satisfaction du patient et les détails de la clinique.
Medihair Review (40%)
Patient Review (40%)
Clinic Details (20%)
Medihair Review (40%) Patient Review (40%) Clinic Details (20%)
Medihair Review
Ce score évalue les facteurs les plus importants d'une transplantation capillaire (par exemple, la ligne de cheveux et le donneur) et est basé sur l'opinion du patient.
Nom de la clinique : Dr. Erkan Demirsoy
Lieu de la clinique : Istanbul

Donor Management

It is important the surgeon doesn’t overharvest the area where the transplants are extracted leaving it overly thin and unnatural in appearance.
9 /10
As the donor area of a patient is limited it is always advisable to use as few grafts as possible in order to have graft resources for further surgeries. The number of grafts is appropriate in relation to age and hair loss degree. A final assessment of the donor area based on the available photos was not possible.

Hair Line Aesthetic & Design

Doctors should design an aesthetically pleasing, natural and age appropriate hairline for their patient.
10 /10
A conservative hair line was chosen. The hairline will still appear age appropriate in the future and grafts will be saved for future surgeries. The photos are sufficient for a final assessment of the hair line aesthetic and design.

Treatment & Method Appropriateness

The doctor should be able to assess the patient’s hair loss for the most suitable method, e.g. FUE or FUT.
10 /10
The FUE method is optimal for smaller graft numbers and has the advantage that no large scar is created as with the FUT method. Furthermore the FUE Method is appropriate for the hair loss degree.


In order to achieve a visual sufficient density usually 30+ grafts per cm² need to be transplanted.
10 /10
In the present case the patient seems to have a natural and full density. The overall density was probably increased by Finasteride / Minoxidil.

Doctor Involvement

The more involved a doctor is involved in the surgery process, the better the quality and consistency a patient can expect.
9 /10
The hair surgeon conducts the pre- and post-consultation as well as the extraction of the grafts. He also does the opening of the channels in the recipient area. Insertion of the hair follicles are done by technicians. This normally ensures consistent and reliable results.
Patient Review
Ce score reflète l'expérience individuelle du patient pendant la procédure ainsi qu'avant et après l'intervention.
Nom de la clinique : Dr. Erkan Demirsoy
Lieu de la clinique : Istanbul


9 /10
The clinic reponded quickly and was also reachable via phone, e-mail and Whatsapp. I had an in-person consultation with the doctor at the clinic. The doctor answered all questions and informed me about all the associated risks correctly.

Procedure & Hygiene

8 /10
My surgery proceeded without any complication, the standards for hygiene are very high and the staff was always friendly to me and took great care.

After Care & Recovery

8 /10
One day after the surgery a post-consultation and evaluation of the result was performed by the clinic. After 2 weeks of my hair transplant the donor area was fully healed.
Clinical Details
Ce score résume l'expérience et la compétence du chirurgien capillaire respectif sur la base d'une échelle standardisée.
Nom de la clinique : Dr. Erkan Demirsoy
Lieu de la clinique : Istanbul

Years of Experience:

10 /10
The doctor has more than 15 years’ experience in the field of hair transplantation. In relation to other surgeons the doctor is very experienced.

Total Number of Hair Transplants:

+ 4.000
10 /10
The doctor performed and supervised more than 4,000 surgeries.

Relevant Medical Societies:

8 /10
Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Turkish Doctors Association (TTB)

Number of Medihair Cases:

8 /10
The doctor of the respective clinic has published 10 results on The more results that were published, the more representative and reliable is the respective Medihair score of the clinic.

Online Reviews & Authenticity:

10 /10
The doctor or his patients have published over 50 in-depth and excellent cases of his work on other forums and platforms.

Patient Journey

0. General Information
Age: 24; Hair loss since: 17; Hair loss in family: uncle and father; Grafts: 2564 via FUE technique; Medications: Finasteride (1mg per day since August 2017), Biotin 7.5mg from surgery, Regaine 2x daily from week 4 post surgery.
1. Before Hair Transplant
At this point I would like to emphasize what a world class service Health Travels offers. Primarily I was in contact with the HT expert, Mr. Weber, who always responded quickly to all kinds of requests, both pre-op and post-op. Simply a top service. The arrival, pick up from the airport, from the hotel etc. was also very well organized. Despite the traffic in Istanbul, the driver was always there on time. Dr. Demirsoy's team also made a highly professional impression and I immediately noticed that he is a very experienced doctor.
2. Surgery
Before the surgery, we first discussed how radical the hairline should be. Due to my still quite young age, we decided to design the hairline rather conservatively, which is completely sufficient. The hair transplant was completely painless, as you got some anesthetic injections. I was even asleep for a large part of the surgery. Only after the surgery it burned a little, but the pain passed quite quickly after a painkiller.vThe work was really professional by Dr. Demirsoy and his assistants.
3. After the Hair Transplant
Week 1-2: With the falling of the crusts, the first hairs also fell out. But this is completely normal. From day 12, all the crusts were off and I saw a straight hairline on me for the first time in years. Until the time when the crusts fell off, I always slept with a neck pillow.
Week 2-3: The hairs fell out slowly from week 2-3 until there was nothing left. I started doing sports (I am a strength athlete) 3.5 weeks after the surgery, but I still avoid exercises like deadlifts or negative bench presses.
From Week 7: The first hairs slowly came out, but very sporadically. Since then, I could observe more and more new hairs. Some grew out really strong and thick, others however were very thin and very weak, and increased from day to day more and more in "strength".
First 10 weeks: The first 10 weeks I completely avoided the sun, meanwhile I also enjoy the summer, but only with a cap.
4. Preliminary Conclusion
Now after 1 year after my hair transplant, I show you in my video before and after photos and recordings of my result. I am mega satisfied and have had a perfect experience with Health Travels, Dr. Demirsoy and the course of my hair transplant in Turkey.

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