FUE Transplant (40 years, NW 3, 3924 Grafts)

Geschrieben von Natalia R. 22 Jul 2021
Preisspanne: $3,000 - $5,000
Die medihair Fallbewertung bewertet die Ästhetik des Ergebnisses, die Patientenzufriedenheit und die Klinikdetails.


  • Geschlecht:Male
  • Alter:40
  • Norwood-Skala:3
  • Vorherige Medikation:None
  • Frühere HTs:None


  • Methode: FUE
  • Ort der Behandlung: Turkey
  • Behandlungsjahr: 2019
  • Transplantierte Grafts: 3,924
  • Spenderbereich: Back of head
  • Dauer der Operation: 7 hours
  • Durchmesser des Punchs: 0.8 mm
  • Gesamte transplantierte Fläche: 140 cm²
  • Dichte: 28 grafts per cm²
  • Durchschnittliche Haare pro Graft: 2.0
  • Medikamente: None

Ärztliche Beteiligung

Vor- und Nachbesprechung Extraktion der Grafts Öffnung von Kanälen Einsetzen der Grafts
Medizinische Assistenten


Die Medihair-Bewertung besteht aus drei Teilen: Medihair-Bewertung, Patientenbewertung und Klinikdetails.
Die medihair Fallbewertung bewertet die Ästhetik des Ergebnisses, die Patientenzufriedenheit und die Klinikdetails.
Medihair Review (40%)
Patienten Review (40%)
Klinikdetails (20%)
Medihair Review (40%) Patienten Review (40%) Klinikdetails (20%)
Medihair Review
Dieser Score bewertet die wichtigsten Faktoren einer Haartransplantation (z.B. Haaransatz und Spender) und basiert auf der Meinung des Patienten.
Name der Klinik: Dr. Erkan Demirsoy
Standort der Klinik: Istanbul

Donor Management

It is important the surgeon doesn’t overharvest the area where the transplants are extracted leaving it overly thin and unnatural in appearance.
9 /10
The number of grafts is appropriate in relation to age and hair loss degree and the donor seems to be properly harvested. A final assessment based on the available photos of the extraction area was possible.

Hair Line Aesthetic & Design

Doctors should design an aesthetically pleasing, natural and age appropriate hairline for their patient.
10 /10
A conservative hair line was chosen. The hairline will still appear age appropriate in the future and grafts will be saved for future surgeries. A natural hair line has dominantly single grafts as in this case.

Treatment & Method Appropriateness

The doctor should be able to assess the patient’s hair loss for the most suitable method, e.g. FUE or FUT.
9 /10
The FUE Method is appropriate for the hair loss degree. The method is optimal for smaller graft numbers and has the advantage that no large scar is created as with the FUT method. The doctor planned 2 sessions, first session to the front and top area. Second session crown area. The patient came after 17 months to have a transplant to the crown area. A final evaluation of the crown area based on the available photos was not possible.


In order to achieve a visual sufficient density usually 30+ grafts per cm² need to be transplanted.
9 /10
In the present case the patient seems to have a natural and full density and the transition area of native and transplanted hair is undetectable.

Doctor Involvement

The more involved a doctor is involved in the surgery process, the better the quality and consistency a patient can expect.
9 /10
The doctor does pre- and post-consultation as well as the extraction. He also performs the opening of the channels. Insertion of the grafts are done by technicians. This normally ensures consistent and reliable results.
Patienten Review
Dieser Wert spiegelt die individuellen Erfahrungen des Patienten während des Eingriffs sowie vor und nach der Operation wider.
Name der Klinik: Dr. Erkan Demirsoy
Standort der Klinik: Istanbul


9 /10
The patient had an in-person consultation with the doctor at the clinic. The doctor answered all questions and informed the patient about all the associated risks correctly. The clinic responded quickly and was also reachable via phone, e-mail and Whatsapp.

Procedure & Hygiene

8 /10
The clinic is a modern medical facility and the surgery proceeded without complications. Furthermore the staff were always friendly and took great care of the patient.

After Care & Recovery

8 /10
At any time in the months following the hair transplant the patient was able to have a digital consultation with the medical staff. The first hair wash after the hair transplant was performed in the following clinic by the staff of the clinic.
Clinical Details
Die medihair Klinikbewertung ist der Durchschnitt aller Nutzerbewertungen für die Klinik. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Bewertung.
Name der Klinik: Dr. Erkan Demirsoy
Standort der Klinik: Istanbul

Years of Experience:

10 /10
The doctor has more than 15 years’ experience in the field of hair transplantation. In relation to other surgeons the doctor is very experienced.

Total Number of Hair Transplants:

+ 4.000
10 /10
The doctor performed and supervised more than 4,000 surgeries.

Relevant Medical Societies:

8 /10
Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Turkish Doctors Association (TTB)

Number of Medihair Cases:

8 /10
The doctor of the respective clinic has published 10 results on The more results that were published, the more representative and reliable is the respective Medihair score of the clinic.

Online Reviews & Authenticity:

10 /10
The doctor or his patients have published over 50 in-depth and excellent cases of his work on other forums and platforms.

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