Our Story

Medihair is the leading platform for medical proven hair loss treatments. We hack you a path through the jungle of milions of hair loss treatment and show you what is effective and what not. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve a full head of hair.

The experienced medihair experts will help you to find the right treatment and the best doctor for your hair loss. All of the world we work together with recognized and award-winning hair surgeons and hair loss specialists.

Founder Story

About 3 years ago our founder Kilian was himself affected by hair loss and started researching on the internet. He was overwhelmed with the massive amount of information and products, some of which are incorrect or not scientifically proven. He decided to help everyone who is in the same situation and founded medihair.com.

Operating in six countries, we at medihair have established ourselves as one of the global online platforms for holistic hair loss treatments. Since 2017 we have helped over 100.000 improve their hair loss situation. How did we achieved this? Quite simple - We always put our customer´s needs first. Successfully fighting hair loss is a journey. Our team of hair loss experts and verified doctors accompany you on this journey and show you the shortcuts.

Our Mission

We provide medically verified content about hair loss, hair loss treatments and hair transplants on our platform. By providing easy-to-understand, medically accurate and trustworthy information digitally, we assist in the treatment decision-making process. We also bring transparency to the decision-making process. Reviews and testimonials from other patients serve as the most important guidance in the search for the best doctor and clinic.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world's leading review and information platform for hair loss, hair loss treatments and hair transplants.

Our Values


We focus on quality, our strengths and core medical areas to provide the greatest value to our users and partners.


Only as a team we can fulfill our vision. We value a pleasant working atmosphere, a progressive view and equal opportunities for everyone.


We put the highest possible quality into every step of our work to support our shared vision.


We enjoy working on our common goals every day and want to optimize and advance medihair together.