At Medihair we have created a unique certification system in order to put our users in contact with the highest quality hair transplant clinics across the world. We only partner with and recommend clinics who have been able to reach our levels of certification. We assign our Medihair score to results from individual hair transplant cases to assess their overall performance. The cases are submitted by users and clinics.

What is the Medihair Score?

The Medihair Score consists of three parts: Medihair review, patient review and clinic details. The Medihair score is used to easily evaluate the quality of a hair transplant result. This allows the patient to compare and review similar results to their hair loss issues to find a clinic which is most appropriate for their treatment desires and case. The score is based on the opinion of the patient and a standardized scale.

The medihair score evaluates the aesthetics of the result, patient satisfaction and clinic details.
Medihair Review (40%)
Patient Review (40%)
Clinic Details (20%)

Evaluation Items of the Medihair Score

Medihair Review (40%) Patient Review (40%) Clinic Details (20%)

Donor Management

Donor management refers to the surgeon’s care for the donor area, usually located at the back of the head. It is important the surgeon doesn’t overharvest the area leaving it overly thin and unnatural in appearance. In addition, overharvesting means there will be less hair available for touch up operations.

Hair Line Aesthetic & Design

Doctors should design an aesthetically pleasing, natural hairline for their patient. It should be appropriate for their age, for instance older patients would not be expected to have as full of a hairline as younger patients. They should also take care to create hairlines which do not have a “patchy” appearance and look unnatural.

Treatment & Method Appropriateness

Depending on the patient, various methods such as the FUE or FUT will be more suitable than another. The doctor should be able to assess the patient’s hair loss for the most suitable method. In addition, not all patients are suitable candidates for hair transplants and the surgeon should identify these patients and recommend other treatments.


In order to achieve a visual sufficient density at least 40 grafts per cm2 need to be transplanted. In rare cases with very limited donor capacity this rule can be neglected.

Doctor Involvement

The more involved a doctor is involved in the surgery process, the better the quality and consistency a patient can expect. Some clinics will have technicians perform more of the surgery so they are able to perform more hair transplants per day.


We review patient’s experience with the consultation to determine how well the doctor treated them. We rate clinics higher if they provided the patients with a positive experience, they should answer all of the patient’s questions and give them detailed information regarding the process of the transplantation.

Procedure & Hygiene

Hygiene is of the utmost importance in any surgical procedure to avoid infection and complications after the surgery. We listen to and incorporate the patient’s reviews of the hygiene involved during the process in our certification process.

After Care & Recovery

The surgeon should thoroughly inform the patient of the proper after care they should practice to promote healing and recovery. They should provide proper medication for the patient to help them manage pain post procedure.

Side Effects

There are several associated side effects with hair transplants which cannot be avoided no matter how talented the hair surgeon may be. However, there should be no side effects caused by surgeon error.

Years of Experience

The more experience a doctor has in the hair transplant industry, the better their technique is leading to more impressive results. Our experts have created a points scale to measure the years of experience a doctor has to add to the Medihair score. To receive the full 10 points, a doctor must have 15 years or more of experience. If a doctor has between 10-15 years, they receive 7-9 points, if they have between 5-9 years of experience, they receive 4-6 points and if they have 1-4 years of experience, they receive 1-3 points.

Total Number of Hair Transplants

The total number of hair transplants a doctor performed, and how much of the surgery they did themselves is an indicator of their experience level. Our experts have created a scale to measure and weigh their total number of transplants in the Medihair score. A doctor who performs 100% of the surgery and only sees a single patient per day would receive 10 points for over 4,000 hair transplants and 9 points for over 3,000 hair transplants. For doctors who see more than one patient a day or supervise parts of the transplant receive 8 points for more than 5,000 surgeries and 7 points for more than 3,000 surgeries. For more than 2,000 surgeries a doctor will receive 6 points, for more than 1,000 surgeries a doctor will receive 5 points, for more than 500 surgeries a doctor will receive 4 points and for less than 500 points a doctor will receive 1-3 points.

Relevant Medical Societies

A good way to judge the quality of a surgeon’s work is by checking their qualifications and memberships with various hair transplant societies. Some examples of these include the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), and the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). A doctor will receive 10 points for the Medihair score if they are a certified member of at least 4 hair restoration societies. A doctor will receive 9 points if they are a member of 3 hair restoration societies, 8 points if they are a member of 2 hair restoration societies, between 5-7 points for a single hair restoration society membership and 0 points if they are not a member of a hair restoration society.

Number of Medihair Cases

The more cases a doctor publishes to Medihair, the more representative and reliable their Medihair score will be. If a doctor publishes more than 40 Medihair cases they will receive a full 10 points, for more than 20 published cases they will receive 9 points, for more than 10 published cases they will receive 8 points and for more than 5 published cases they will receive 7 points. For 3 or more published Medihair cases they will receive 6 points, for 2 published cases they will receive 5 points and for 1 published case they will receive 4 points.

Online Reviews & Authenticity

We review the hair transplant clinic’s reviews on other platforms and forums to help assess the authenticity and quality of the results they advertise. This ensures the information we gather is as unbiased as possible and accurate. If the doctor has published more than 50 in depth cases for review they will receive a full 10 points for their Medihair score, if they have published more than 30 in depth cases they will receive 9 points and if they have published more than 10 in depth cases they will receive 8 points. If the doctor hasn’t published many in-depth cases for review on another forum but has received at least 500 positive and authentic reviews they will receive 7 points. For more than 300 reviews they will receive 6 points, for more than 100 reviews they will receive 5 points and for less than 100 positive reviews they will receive 4 points.