FUE Transplant (29 years, NW 3, 3255 Grafts)

Revisado clinicamente por Dr. Sternberg Atualizado em 20 Jul 2021
Preço: $3,000 - $5,000
A pontuação média avalia a estética do resultado, a satisfação do paciente e os detalhes da clínica.


  • Gênero:Male
  • Idade:29
  • Escala de Norwood:3
  • Medicamentos anteriores:Finasterid and Minoxidil
  • HTs anteriores:None


  • Método: FUE
  • Local de tratamento: Turkey
  • Ano de tratamento: 2020
  • Enxerto Transplantado: 3,255
  • Zona doadora: Back of head
  • Duração da Cirurgia: 8 hours
  • Diâmetro do furo: 0.8 mm
  • Área total transplantada: 160 cm²
  • Densidade: 22 grafts per cm²
  • Média de Cabelos por Enxerto: 2.0
  • Medicamentos: Finasterid, Biotin and Minoxidil

Envolvimento do Doutor

The more involved a doctor is involved in the surgery process, the better the quality and consistency a patient can expect.
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Assistentes Médicos


A pontuação média é composta de três partes: Revisão do medihair, revisão do paciente e detalhes da clínica.
A pontuação média avalia a estética do resultado, a satisfação do paciente e os detalhes da clínica.
Medihair Review (40%)
Patient Review (40%)
Clinic Details (20%)
Medihair Review (40%) Patient Review (40%) Clinic Details (20%)
Medihair Review
Esta pontuação avalia os fatores mais importantes de um transplante capilar (por exemplo, linha capilar e doador) e se baseia na opinião do paciente.
Nome da Clínica: Dr. Erkan Demirsoy
Localização da Clínica: Istambul

Donor Management

It is important the surgeon doesn’t overharvest the area where the transplants are extracted leaving it overly thin and unnatural in appearance.
8 /10
The clinic chose an appropriate graft number considering the age and the hair loss degree of the patient. As the donor area of a patient is limited it is always advisable to use as few grafts as possible in order to have graft resources for further surgeries. No sufficient photos are available for a final assessment of the donor area.

Hair Line Aesthetic & Design

Doctors should design an aesthetically pleasing, natural and age appropriate hairline for their patient.
9 /10
The photos are sufficient for a final assessment of the hair line aesthetic and design and the design of the hair line is appropriate and natural for the patient’s age.

Treatment & Method Appropriateness

The doctor should be able to assess the patient’s hair loss for the most suitable method, e.g. FUE or FUT.
9 /10
The FUE Method is appropriate for the hair loss degree. Especially for young patient it is necessary to combine the hair transplant with suitable hair loss medication in order to achieve a lasting result and stop the hair loss of the native hair. In the present case the patient is taking Finasteride, Biotin and Minoxidil.


In order to achieve a visual sufficient density usually 30+ grafts per cm² need to be transplanted.
8 /10
The transition between the transplanted hair and native hair is smooth and not visible. Furthermore the density of the hair was enhanced by hair loss medication (e.g., Finasteride). However, the tonusr area is still not optimal.

Doctor Involvement

The more involved a doctor is involved in the surgery process, the better the quality and consistency a patient can expect.
9 /10
The doctor does pre- and post-consultation as well as the extraction. He also performs the opening of the channels. Insertion of the grafts are done by technicians. This normally ensures consistent and reliable results.
Patient Review
Esta pontuação reflete a experiência individual do paciente durante o procedimento, bem como antes e depois da cirurgia.
Nome da Clínica: Dr. Erkan Demirsoy
Localização da Clínica: Istambul


9 /10
I had an in-person consultation with the doctor at the clinic. The doctor answered all questions and informed me about all the associated risks correctly. The clinic responded quickly and was also reachable via phone, e-mail and Whatsapp.

Procedure & Hygiene

8 /10
My surgery proceeded without any complications and there were no problems. The staff was always friendly to me and took great care.

After Care & Recovery

8 /10
I was very happy that the first hair wash after my hair transplant was performed in the fol-lowing clinic by the staff of the clinic. After 2 weeks of my hair transplant the donor area was fully healed.
Clinical Details
Esta pontuação resume a experiência e competência do respectivo cirurgião capilar com base em uma escala padronizada.
Nome da Clínica: Dr. Erkan Demirsoy
Localização da Clínica: Istambul

Years of Experience:

10 /10
The doctor has more than 15 years’ experience in the field of hair transplantation. In relation to other surgeons the doctor is very experienced.

Total Number of Hair Transplants:

+ 4.000
10 /10
The doctor performed and supervised more than 4,000 surgeries.

Relevant Medical Societies:

8 /10
Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Turkish Doctors Association (TTB)

Number of Medihair Cases:

8 /10
The doctor of the respective clinic has published 10 results on The more results that were published, the more representative and reliable is the respective Medihair score of the clinic.

Online Reviews & Authenticity:

10 /10
The doctor or his patients have published over 50 in-depth and excellent cases of his work on other forums and platforms.

Patient Journey

1. Before Hair Transplant
Age: 29 years. Current hair status: Norwood 4-5, trending towards 5 Beginning of hair loss: at the age of 20. Previous HT's: No. Preferred treatment method (FUT/ FUE?): FUE. Medication (before): from ca. 22-25 years Finasterid 1mg a day and Minoxidil 1x in the morning 1ml => hair status has stabilized ca. beginning Norwood 3 (hairline slightly thinned out, otherwise full hair). Side effects: none. Medication (today): since beginning 09/2016 again Finasterid 0,5mg daily, Biotin 10mg daily, 4 weeks post-HT then again Minoxidil 1x daily.
2. Surgery
The surgery was performed in Istanbul by Dr. Demirsoy and his team. After being in contact with Mr. Weber for several months, the entire procedure was perfectly planned by him! The team (Dr. Demirsoy, his assistant and the two nurses) seemed calm and coordinated, the private clinic was very clean and you just had the feeling to be in very good hands. Everything was professional. According to Dr. Demirsoy, I was supposed to get between 3000-3500 grafts to restore the hairline and fill in the top of my head. On the day of the operation, Dr. Demirsoy, Mr. Weber and I discussed the hairline and we agreed quite quickly. Of course, I insisted that the grafts be placed in zone 1, the hairline in a dense manner. Zone 2 should also be densely placed and then the density decreases towards zone 3. What I would like to mention is that for me personally the not so pleasant part were the injections and the long lie still. After the anesthesia takes effect, you notice absolutely nothing. The hours passed and finally the 3255 grafts were distributed and implanted. Fortunately, they were mostly 2s and 3s grafts. Only a few 1s.
3. After the Hair Transplant
Day 1-10: The first days after the operation were quite okay so far. I followed all post-op instructions and also washed my head daily (also according to instructions). It has burned and pulled from time to time in the donor, but bearable. I didn't go out at all for the first few days.
After 11 Days: I soaked the crusts in the shower and gently rubbed them with a washcloth in the direction of hair growth. You can't be too scared there. For me, the crusts came off easily after soaking. The redness is still visible in the reception area and in the donor. The donor still hurts slightly from time to time, e.g., when you tilt your head back. I hope that the redness will be gone in about 20 days so I can start using minoxidil again & KET shampoo. After the swelling in the forehead area has also subsided, the hairline has lowered well again (looked pretty high in the days just after surgery).
4. Preliminary Conclusion
I would do my second HT for the tonsure area again at any time with Dr. Demirsoy in Istanbul. I think I don't need to say more. The photos speak for themselves!

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