FUE Transplant (43 years, NW 5, 4000 Grafts)

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Precio: $3,000 - $5,000
La puntuación medihair evalúa la estética del resultado, la satisfacción del paciente y los detalles de la clínica.

Detalles del caso

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  • El género:Male
  • La edad:43
  • Escala Norwood:5
  • Medicación anterior:none


  • Método: FUE
  • Ubicación: Turkey
  • Año de tratamiento: 2019
  • Injerto trasplantado: 4000
  • Zona de donantes: Back and sides of head
  • Duración de la cirugía: 12 hours in 2 sessions
  • Diámetro del punzón: 0.8 mm
  • Zona de trasplante: 160 cm²
  • Densidad: 25 grafts per cm²
  • Media de pelo por injerto: 2.0
  • Medicación: No

Participación del médico

The more involved a doctor is involved in the surgery process, the better the quality and consistency a patient can expect. Some clinics will have technicians perform more of the surgery so they are able to perform more hair transplants per day.
Pre - y post briefing Extracción de injertos Apertura de canales Inserción de injertos
Asistentes médicos


Medihair score consta de tres partes:
La puntuación medihair evalúa la estética del resultado, la satisfacción del paciente y los detalles de la clínica.
Medihair Review (40%)
Patient Review (40%)
Clinic Details (20%)
Medihair Review (40%) Patient Review (40%) Clinic Details (20%)
Medihair Review
Esta puntuación evalúa los factores más importantes de un trasplante capilar (por ejemplo, la línea capilar y el donante) y se basa en la opinión del paciente.
Nombre de la clínica: Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu
Ubicación: Estambul

Donor Management

It is important the surgeon doesn’t overharvest the area where the transplants are extracted leaving it overly thin and unnatural in appearance.
9 /10
The clinic chose an appropriate graft number considering the age and the hair loss degree of the patient. The donor area appears to be natural with no sign of harvesting. A final assessment based on the available photos of the extraction area was possible.

Hair Line Aesthetic & Design

Doctors should design an aesthetically pleasing, natural and age appropriate hairline for their patient.
9 /10
A conservative hair line was chosen. The hairline will still appear age appropriate in the future and grafts will be saved for future surgeries. The photos are sufficient for a final assessment of the hair line aesthetic and design.

Treatment & Method Appropriateness

The doctor should be able to assess the patient’s hair loss for the most suitable method, e.g. FUE or FUT.
9 /10
In the present case it seemed to be that the FUE method is suitable. The FUE method is optimal for smaller graft numbers and has the advantage that no large scar is created as with the FUT method. To increase the possibilities of a successful, lasting result it is necessary to take hair loss medication like minoxidil and finasteride. However, the patient is apparently not treating its hair loss with medication.


In order to achieve a visual sufficient density usually 30+ grafts per cm² need to be transplanted.
8 /10
The transition area of native and transplanted hair is undetectable and the overall density was not improved by hair loss medication like Finasteride and Minoxidil.

Doctor Involvement

The more involved a doctor is involved in the surgery process, the better the quality and consistency a patient can expect.
9 /10
The hair surgeon conducts the pre- and post-consultation as well as the extraction of the grafts. He also does the opening of the channels in the recipient area. Insertion of the hair follicles are done by technicians. This normally ensures consistent and reliable results.
Patient Review
Esta puntuación refleja la experiencia individual del paciente durante el procedimiento, así como el pre y el postoperatorio.
Nombre de la clínica: Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu
Ubicación: Estambul


9 /10
The patient had an in-person consultation with the doctor at the clinic. The doctor answered all questions and informed the patient about all the associated risks correctly. The clinic responded quickly and was also reachable via phone, e-mail and Whatsapp.

Procedure & Hygiene

8 /10
The surgery proceeded without complications and the staff were always friendly and took great care of the patient. The hygiene standards are high.

After Care & Recovery

8 /10
At any time in the months following the hair transplant the patient was able to have a digi-tal consultation with the medical staff. The first hair wash after the hair transplant was performed in the following clinic by the staff of the clinic.
Clinic Details
Esta puntuación resume la experiencia y la competencia del respectivo cirujano capilar basándose en una escala estandarizada.
Nombre de la clínica: Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu
Ubicación: Estambul

Years of Experience:

10 /10
The doctor has more than 25 years’ experience in the field of hair transplantation. In relation to other surgeons the doctor is very experienced.

Total Number of Hair Transplants:

10 /10
The doctor performed and supervised more than 4,500 surgeries.

Relevant Medical Societies:

9 /10
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)

Number of Medihair Cases:

4 /10
The doctor of the respective clinic has published 1 results on The more results that were published, the more representative and reliable is the respective Medihair score of the clinic.

Online Reviews & Authenticity:

10 /10
The doctor or his patients have published over 50 in-depth and excellent cases of his work on other forums and platforms.

Patient Journey

1 General Information:
Age: 43; Grafts: 4,000 via FUE technique; Medication: No; Treatment Year: 2019; Average Hair per Graft: 2,0; Density: 25 grafts per cm²; Duration of Surgery: 12 hours; Diameter of Punch: 0.8 mm; Donor Zone: Back and sides of head
2 Decision Process:
Before I decided on a hair surgeon, I first flew to Istanbul myself to see the conditions there and various clinics in person. Trust is good, exact control or inspection of the clinics is better. I had contact before and during my stay with Clemens Weber from Health Travels. He organizes everything for Dr. Sahinoglu.
3 Before Hair Transplant:
In the end, I chose the most expensive provider, Dr. Sahinoglu. Why? He took his own time and did a detailed and above all honest consultation with me; not promising something that is not possible but explaining exactly what is possible and what I can expect. He even said that I was a borderline candidate, that I had very fine hair and limited donor hair. Nevertheless, I took the plunge and had the surgery done with him.
4 Surgery:
A total of 4000 grafts, over 2 days. Dr. Sahinoglu performed the surgery himself and I was the only patient. This was an important criterion, because in most Turkish clinics masses of patients are treated. Unfortunately, without a doctor. Unlike many other transplanted I have seen on Youtube and forums, my hairline looks 100% natural. This was extremely important to me, as I definitely did not want anyone to see at first glance that I had HT done.
5 After the Hair Transplant:
A few days after the surgery.
6 After 6 months:
The result is great and i am very happy with my new hair. In the meantime, I went to the doc for another consultation to have my tonsure thickened up a bit more in the back. Since I am very busy at work (own company), I have to wait until Christmas time. Many thanks to Dr. Sahinoglu and Clemens Weber from Health Travels.

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