How long does it take after a hair transplant for grafts to become secure?

Pete Scott, MD

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Written by Matilda H. Updated on 14 Jan 2024

Being diligent during the aftercare and recovery phase of the hair transplant can help you achieve the best possible results. This includes taking care of the newly transplanted grafts until they become secure. Learn how to take care of new grafts to get the most out of your hair transplant procedure.

Fast Factssvg

Hair Transplant Methods FUE, FUT
Secured Grafts 10 to 14 days
Do´s and Don´ts Wash hair consistently
Healing Process Recipient Region, Donor Region
Hair Grafts Growth 4 - 16 months after the procedure

How does a hair transplant work?

A hair transplant is a permanent solution to male pattern baldness and hair loss. By relocating healthy hair follicles in the form of grafts, a transplant can promote hair growth in the balding region to restore your hair density. 

Here are the two popular methods of hair transplantation available today:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)Hair follicles are extracted directly from the back or side of the head and inserted into the balding areas. The procedure is minimally invasive, causes almost no scarring, and has a shorter recovery time.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Involves taking a strip of skin from the back of the head that is separated into small sections and implanted into the recipient region. FUT can leave a scar in the donor region and has a longer recovery time.


Hai Transplant FUT or FUE

svgWhat is a graft?

A graft is a segment of the skin consisting of healthy hair follicles. Grafts are typically harvested from areas such as the back and sides of the head that are not susceptible to hair loss. They can also be taken from other areas of your body such as the chin and chest. Each graft contains groups of around two to three hairs.

How long does it take after a hair transplant for grafts to become secure?

Newly transplanted hair grafts are fragile at first and can take around 10 to 14 days to become fully secure on the scalp. Before that, there is a risk of grafts being displaced or damaged due to friction or strenuous activity. 

That is why your doctor will suggest avoiding exercise in the first few weeks after your surgery. Touching the grafts excessively or washing them during the initial few days can also dislodge them. That is why washing the scalp is only permissible after a few days to ensure the grafts have settled in a bit.

What does your hair loss look like?

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Do´s and Don´ts after a hair transplant

Do’s Don’ts
Do wash your hair consistently five days after the surgery to remove scabs. Do not use a fabric towel to dry your hair as it can create too much friction and dislodge the grafts .
Do spray your scalp with a saltwater solution (suggested by your doctor) for a couple of days after the surgery to keep the grafts moist. Do not rub your scalp, pick at scabs or scratch your head during the healing period.
Do take pain medication to manage discomfort and sleep peacefully after the procedure. Do not wear restricting headwear such as beanies or hard hats.
Do wear a hat when you go out, especially during the day time to protect hair grafts from sun exposure and other environmental factors. Do not sleep directly on the grafts, wear a comfortable hair cap or bandages to avoid friction, and sleep in an inclined position instead.

How long does the healing process take?

The healing process depends on a variety of factors including how well you follow the after-care instructions and which transplant technique you went through. 

Here are the recovery details of the two major areas involved in hair transplant procedures: 

Recipient Region – Small channels are created on the recipient region and hair grafts are inserted into the channels with specially angled tweezers. Since the insertion process is more or less the same for both FUE and FUT, you can expect the recipient region to recover within 5 to 14 days after the procedure.

Donor Region – The healing time for the donor region in FUT transplant is longer than that of FUE as it requires a strip of skin to be extracted. Meanwhile, hair follicles for an FUE procedure are extracted through minuscule incisions that heal within five to seven days of the procedure.

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When do hair grafts start growing?

Since hair transplants are a long-term solution, they do not provide instantaneous results. For most people, hair transplants start bearing fruit 8 to 12 months after the procedure. This is because the newly transplanted grafts go through a whole cycle of shedding to grow back stronger. 

It may be worrying to see your hair falling out after the transplant but shock loss is a completely natural part of the recovery process. After this shedding phase, your new hair follicles will start producing healthy hair. By 10 to 12 months or 18 months in some cases, most people recover 80 to 90% of their hair density.

The graph below represents the percentage of results you can expect after your hair transplant:

Growth after hair transplantation

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What does your hair loss look like?

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