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Medically reviewed by Dr. Sternberg Written by David Stelzer on 12 Jan 2023

The UK has high standards for hair transplants, so patients can have a greater degree of trust in the clinics here than in another country. We have compiled all information about the clinics in the UK on this page to help you choose the clinic which is right for you.

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Best 8 hair transplant doctors in the UK

Hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the UK are all monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure they abide by high standards of hygiene and experience. Based on mentions by users, ratings and overall reputation awe have compiled a list of the top 8 clinics and doctors for hair transplant in the UK. The list has no ranking order.

Clinic and Doctors Methods and Location Price ranges in Pounds
Dr. Mark Tam
FUE | London
£7,200 - £11,475
Harley Street Hair Clinic
FUE | London
£5,000 - £15,000
Farjo Hair Institute (Dr. Farjo)
FUE and FUT | Manchester
£3,000 - £10,000
Wimpole clinic
FUE and FUT | London
£3499 - £12,000
The Maitland Clinic
FUE and FUT | Portsmouth
£5,000 - £10,000

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Pro and Cons Hair Transplant UK

Pro Cons
High Standards: Hair transplant clinics in the UK are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), this ensures they abide by high standards of hygiene and experience. High Cost: The major drawback of hair transplants in the UK is the high cost, transplants cost an average of 3.22 £ per graft which is 0.24 £ more expensive than the global average.
Language: There are no language barriers for English-speaking patients through any point in the process. Few Clinics: There are not as many hair transplantation clinics in the UK as in other countries, this offers fewer options for surgeons.
No Travel: Minimal travel, there is less time spent flying to other countries for transplants and far lower associated travel expenses. Wait-Time: There is a relatively long wait-time to receive a hair transplant in the UK compared to other countries, it can take an average of 6 months to a year for a patient to have their transplant.
After Care: You have the ability to recover in the comfort of your own home immediately after the procedure rather than in a hotel.
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How to choose a hair transplant clinic in the UK

While it is tempting to use the cost of a hair transplant as the main decision criteria, there are many other factors which are more important to review before choosing a hair transplant clinic. Here is a list we have compiled of the most important questions to ask or factors to look for when researching clinics:

  • Quality is more important than quantity: The best hair transplant clinics only perform 1-2 hair transplants per day, allowing the surgeon to focus entirely on one patient and have a high degree of involvement in each step of the transplantation procedure. High quality results are seen consistently when the surgeon performs most of the procedure.
  • What parts of the procedure are performed by the surgeon? When there are a large number of hair transplants performed day by day, the less a surgeon tends to be involved in the procedure. Oftentimes, the technicians will perform a large part of these transplants. The main issue patients encounter with technicians leading the hair transplantation is the results can be very inconsistent. The technicians also have less experience and education than the surgeons, lowering the quality of the transplant.
  • Surgeon qualifications: There are certain certifications given to hair transplant surgeons which show their level of qualification. It is recommended that you search for a surgeon who is a member of the BAHRS (British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery) or IAHRS (International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeon). In addition, the participation in hair loss research can be an indicator for state-of-the-art hair loss treatments.
  • Proof of the results of their work: It is important to find high quality before and after photos of hair transplant results that are well-lit from clinics. It is important to look at a number of these results photos from the surgeons to get an idea of the quality and consistency of their work.
  • Read the reviews or meet their former patients: You can learn how a clinic treats its patients throughout the entire hair transplantation process, including consultation and post-procedure. Reviews from former patients can give a good idea of the kind of care you can expect to receive from the clinic.
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Hair transplant methods and cost in UK

Currently, the FUT and FUE procedures are the most common hair transplant techniques used in the UK. Regardless of the method, a hair transplantation consists of three phases: removal, storage and insertion of the hair follicles.

The insertion of the hair follicles into the bald area is virtually identical for each method. Small recipient channels are prepared on the bald areas, into which the transplants are inserted with special angled tweezers.

The different methods differ greatly in the extraction and removal techniques used for the hair follicles.

With the minimally invasive FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction), natural hair groups consisting of one to four individual hair roots are extracted from the donor area using a very thin hollow needle and then inserted at the desired locations.

The ARTAS method is a development of the FUE method, in which the removal phase is mechanically supported. The ARTAS method is not widely practiced in the UK. It is very expensive for the clinics to purchase the ARTAS equipment and maintain the repairs, which in turn also drives up the price of the hair transplant.

After our recent hair transplant study, the FUE method is the most common hair restoration technique currently:

The FUT method, also known as the Strip Method, involves a hairy strip of skin being taken from the donor area, usually the back of the head.  The strip of skin is then dissected and prepared into individual follicular units, which are inserted into the recipient holes in the balding area. About 30% of all hair transplants worldwide are performed using this method.

The FUT method is a preferred option for younger patients who need a large number of grafts transplanted. While the candidate is still young, they will heal more quickly from the surgery. It will also avoid thinning the donor area hair as the rest of the donor area besides the scar remains thick.

The FUE method works well for patients who don’t need as many grafts transplanted and want a minimally invasive procedure. It doesn’t leave behind a strip scar the way an FUT procedure will. It also works well for patients who don’t have as much hair in the donor area or have a soft scalp.

The UK has an average cost per graft of 3.22 £, this price adds up very quickly when patients receive an average of 2,083 grafts. The lowest price we found in our cost study in the UK was 2.26 £ per graft with the highest being 3.98 £ per graft. The average total cost of hair transplantations is 8,050.00 £ for a hair transplant with 2,500 grafts.

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Cheaper alternatives to UK?

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery estimated a total number of 735,312 hair restoration surgical procedures were performed in 2019, with the average global cost being roughly 6,208 £ per surgery. The ISHRS also found that the average number of grafts in a hair transplantation was 2,083 in 2019, we used this mean to calculate the average cost per graft globally which we found came out to 2.98 £ per graft. The UK has an average cost per graft of 3.22 £ making it 0.24 £ more expensive than the global average.

Our cost study found that hair transplants performed in the UK are among the most expensive in the world with an average price of 3.22 £ per graft. They are cheaper than transplants performed in Canada or the United States however, who have an average price of 7.00 £ and 5.44 £ respectively.


Clinics in Turkey offer some of the cheapest hair transplant options in the world, often times with the price of flights, hotel accommodation, and transportation to the clinic included. The average price per graft is 1.07 £ with the average total cost for 2,500 grafts is 2,675.61 £.

The UK has higher labor costs than countries like Turkey which increases the price of hair transplantation. The UK also has higher standards of hygiene and experience for their surgeons and clinics, this means that patients can have a greater degree of trust in the clinics here than in another country. Patients therefore pay a premium price for premium care.

Hair transplants are also offered in Turkey or in the US by a large number of doctors. Get an overview of the methods and prices of hair surgeons in other locations:

Is your preferred city or country not mentioned? No problem, just sign up and we will provide you with qualified hair surgeons near you.

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