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Mike Kaine, MD Written by Erin D. Updated on 14 Jan 2024
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Receding Hairline Guide

Mike Kaine, MD

This text was written according to the highest scientific standards and reviewed by medical experts. Find out more about our quality assurance.

Written by Erin D. Updated on 14 Jan 2024

Hair loss and a receding hairline is a sensitive topic for many men. Whether the loss is barely noticeable or at an advanced age, this usually leads to dissatisfaction and a lowered sense self-esteem. But what can one do to combat a receding hairline? Many remedies promise a miracle cure and cannot fulfill these promises. But there are exceptions in the fight against hair loss.

What causes hair loss and a receding hairline?

The causes are mostly genetic and hereditary. For example, a receding hairline is typically a symptom of male pattern baldness, a hereditary hair loss at the temples of men. It is not uncommon for receding hairlines to be the precursor of age-related hair loss. The transition from receding hairline to possible baldness over time is a gradual, but often inevitable process. The receding hairline can also be seen in the form of a large forehead at a young age. In addition to the genetic predisposition, which can lead to hair loss at a young age, there are other causes and influences that can minimize hair growth. According to our latest hair loss statistic the most common symptom is thinning hair (26%):

Hair loss symptoms

For example, a lack or excess of the hormone testosterone can be a possible cause, as well as a high level of stress or a vitamin deficiency due to poor nutrition. Disorders of the thyroid gland can also lead to hair loss. In the norwood scale which describes the degree of hair loss a receding hairline would be type 2 and 3.

While hyperthyroidism causes the hair to become thinner and finer, patients with thyroid hypofunction complain of dry and brittle hair. In addition, frequent sunbathing or sauna sessions can also cause the follicles responsible for hair growth to thin out and eventually die.

As soon as the first signs of hair loss appear, an individual should have their hair analyzed to determine the potential causes. If the reason for the balding or thinning is hereditary, a permanent solution can be found with a hair transplant.

What does your hair loss look like?

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Natural household treatments to combat receding hairline

A receding hairline does not necessarily have to be treated by a hair surgeon. An individual can first attempt to use self-help measures and household hair loss remedies.

Since human hair follicles need certain nutrients to encourage growth, it is recommended, for example, to follow an iron-rich and fat-reduced diet. Furthermore, zinc, B vitamins, biotin, vitamin E and selenium are important to include in the diet to supply the hair with essential nutrients. If these nutrients aren’t supplied by the diet, an individual can take supplements to help stimulate hair growth.

Most common prescribed hair loss treatments

In addition to these natural remedies, special anti-hair loss shampoos promise to stop the progression of receding hairline and support productivity of the active hair roots. For a successful treatment with natural and household remedies, a regular application of these shampoos and consistent change of diet and stress prevention is essential. However, if the cause of hair loss is hereditary then household remedies will have little or no effect.


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Minoxidil and finasteride to treat a receding hairline

The drugs minoxidil and finasteride have been available on the market for a long time and have continued to prove their effectiveness. However, there are still no long-term applications for these drugs. Unlike hair transplants, these substances can only slow down hair loss and stimulate hair growth, but they cannot restore lost hair.

The drug minoxidil is applied locally and usually shows a controlled effect. It is advised to start the medication as soon as you notice the thinning of your hair. Twice a day the remedy should be applied to the affected areas. However, at around 0.50 USD per daily dose, it is not entirely cost-effective as an individual continues to buy this product for years.

How do minoxidil and finasteride work?

There are associated side effects of minoxidil such as allergic reactions, skin irritation or drying of the scalp. In addition, in exceptional cases, hair growth in undesired areas and blood pressure reduction with dizziness and palpitations may occur.

Unlike minoxidil, the prescription drug finasteride is not applied externally but taken orally. It causes an average of 17 more hairs to grow per square centimeter and has proven to stop hair loss in 70-80% of men who use it regularly. However, this drug also has its disadvantages. Finasteride can cause breast growth in men, cause chest pain and reduce the feeling of pleasure and fertility. At roughly 2.60 USD per day, finasteride is even more expensive than minoxidil.

To achieve an optimal effect, both the minoxidil and the finasteride should be taken regularly and permanently. The effects of these medications will stop within three months of discontinuing use.

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Hair transplant for hairline

Receding hairlines unfortunately tend to be very stubborn and usually remain a lifelong issue until they finally develop to an extensive form of baldness. For long-term treatment, a hair transplant is the only effective treatment.

With hair transplantation in the front of the head, individual grafts – one graft contains one to three hairs with hair roots – are taken from the dense hair at the back of the head and transplanted into the bald areas. Unlike a hair transplant in the crown area, the grafts need to be placed really dense to create a natural look. Depending on the extent of hair loss, an appropriate number of grafts are removed and replanted.

In the case of advanced hair loss, at least 2,500 grafts are needed to achieve a permanent aesthetic result. A hair transplantation offers an optimal solution for those who suffer from genetic hair loss or who have not been able to achieve satisfactory results through other means. The FUE method is most of the time used for a receding hair line. However, in some cases the FUT method also has its advantages, e.g. young patients. After our recent hair transplant statistics the number of hair transplants are growing strongly from year to year.

Number of hair transplants worldwide

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Living with a receding hairline

With the many different possibilities to treat a receding hairline, there is another option to live with a receding hairline. There are many different hairstyle options that can be individually tailored to your hair loss and conceal your problem areas.

A visit to the hairdresser and an individual consultation can be a good solution. If you prefer a more radical ap-proach, you can choose the cheapest option to fight hair loss and reach for a razor. A bald head ends the problem of a receding hairline once and for all and can often be a liberating maneuver for those affected.

This is a list of recommended hair styles to disguise a receding hairline:

  • Clean shave: This is often considered the nuclear option for treating a receding hairline. Many men are scared to go fully bald, but no other style will completely eliminate the appearance of a receding hairline.
  • Buzz cut: A buzz cut only retains slightly more hair than a clean shave, but it is a less scary option for men who don’t wish to go fully bald. The short hair makes a receding hairline less noticeable.
  • Textured crop: The longer, tousled hair on top is styled forward in this hairstyle which covers the receding hairline. This hairstyle gives the illusion of full, thick hair which helps retain a youthful hair appearance.
  • Crew cut: The crew cut is similar to the textured crop, with the hair being cut shorter than the textured crop. Like the textured crop it can also be styled forward to hide a receding hairline.

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But isn’t full hair nicer? So where is a hair transplant possible?

There are many countries and cities which offer hair transplantations at widely varied price ranges. Therefore, you should get an overview of the offers now and compare the hair surgeons in United Kingdom, US or Turkey based on experiences of real patients, costs and treatment methods:

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What does your hair loss look like?

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