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Medically reviewed by Dr. Sternberg Written by David Stelzer on 4 Jan 2023

Turkey is not only a popular destination for tourists, it is also known as capital for hair transplants. This is mainly due to the lower prices. But which doctors are recommended and which are not? And what are the risks and best methods? Read all the answers on this page.

Before and after in Turkey

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Top 8 Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Based on ratings, reputation and number of mentions we have compiled a list of the top 8 clinics and doctors for hair transplant in Turkey. The list has no ranking order.

Clinic and Doctors Methods and Location Price per Graft in USD (for 2.500 Grafts)
HLC (Dr. Özgür)
FUE (Manual) | Ankara
2.75 USD (6,875 USD)
Dr. Demirsoy
FUE | Istanbul
1.50 USD (3,750 USD)
Dr. Pekiner
FUE (Manual) | Ankara
2.50 USD (6,250 USD)
Dr. Bicer
FUE | Istanbul
2.50 USD (6,250 USD)
Dr. Kesser
FUE (Manual) | Ankara
3.00 USD ( 7,500 USD)
Asmed (Dr. Erdogan)
FUE (Manual) | Istanbul
2.50 USD (6,250 USD)
Dr. Turan
FUE | Istanbul
1.50 USD (3,750 USD)
Dr. Gür
FUE | Istanbul
1.50 USD (3,750 USD)

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Pro and Cons Hair Transplant Turkey

Pro Cons
Low price: Our current hair transplantation cost study shows that hair transplantation in Turkey cost only one-third per graft compared to the UK. Normal risks: Since hair transplantation is an operation, there will be some risks, but these can occur in both Turkey and the UK / US.
All-inclusive offers: In the UK and US, individual offers are usually made depending on the amount of hair loss. In Turkey there are often all-inclusive prices. This makes planning for the total cost easier. Methods, hygiene and personnel: UK or US hospitals have high hygienic and technical standards. The qualification of the doctors is also more consistent in the UK. Turkish hospitals are not required to adhere to the same standards of hygiene.
Operation with vacation: A hair transplantation in Turkey can be perfectly combined with a warm and sunny vacation. Remote consultation: Due to the distance, no personal consultation can take place before the hair transplantation. This means that the patient cannot get an idea of the personnel, hygiene and methods before deciding on a clinic. Aftercare also takes place remotely.
Specialized professionals: Many clinics in Turkey only perform hair transplants. Some doctors in UK and US also do other cosmetic surgery which implies they are less focused on improving their hair transplantation skills and knowledge. Travel: Travel after the operation can be an additional burden.
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Is a hair transplantation in Turkey worthwhile?

The cost of the previously mentioned best hair transplant clinics are way above the average in Turkey because of their reputation. As we previously mentioned, the cost for a hair transplant is typically much cheaper in Turkey with 1.07 USD per graft less than in the UK (3.22 USD per graft). But is the normal hair transplantation in Turkey still cost-effective with the addition of travel expenses, hotel costs and food?

Flights to Istanbul cost an average of 150 USD each way from the UK, which means one would spend 300 USD total for flight expenses. An overnight stay in a reasonable hotel costs roughly 80 USD. If one assumes that one day is necessary for the journey, one for acclimatization and pre-treatment, one for the operation, one for regeneration and post-treatment and one for departure, the cost for the four nights oft accommodation is approximately 320 USD. If we calculate with an average of 30 USD per day for meals, with half the meals per day for arrival and departure, the total is 120 USD. You would have to add about 740 USD to the cost of the hair transplant. The calculation example is greatly simplified and in reality, other additional costs are possible but would continue to be relatively cheap, since Turkey is a very inexpensive country.

Since hair transplants are often charged per graft, hair transplantation in Turkey is only worthwhile after a certain number of grafts. For example, let’s assume that you would need to have 500 grafts transplanted: In Turkey this would cost 935 USD (Cost per Graft plus base fee) and in UK 1,610 USD. If you add the 740 USD of additional costs to the price of the procedure in Turkey, you would spend 1,675 USD. Thus, hair transplantation in Turkey for a small number of grafts would be more expensive. The so-called “break even”, i.e. the point at which the costs are identical in both countries, would be about 520 grafts. However, since a large number of grafts are usually transplanted, selecting to have the procedure performed in Turkey is financially worthwhile for most patients – even with additional costs. According to our hair transplant statistics most patients have medium norwood hair loss degree (NW4) and need therefore between 2,500 and 3,500 Grafts.


In addition, many clinics in Turkey now offer “all-inclusive packages”. These packages often cover all additional costs besides the actual operation – from flights to hotel costs. This simplifies the process for patients and makes Turkey an even more appealing alternative for residents in the UK.

However, the price should not be the main decision criterion. It is far more important to assess the quality of the doctor and clinic.  An excellent way to evaluate the quality of treatment is to read the experience reports from previous patients for the respective doctors in our results section.

Willingness to travel abroad for the hair transplant

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Best hair transplant doctors in Turkey

32 doctors and clinics verified by Medihair offer hair transplants in Turkey. Of these best hair transplant doctors , 28 hair surgeons are based in Istanbul. An overview of the results of these doctors in Turkey is provided in the before and after section above, simply click on the respective result for more information about costs and the evaluation. According to our research around 700 clinics offer hair transplants in Turkey. However, only a part are licensed clinics or doctor’s practice as shown in the following graphic.

All 163 hair transplant clinics in turkey

The 3 categories of clinics in Turkey

Clinics in Turkey can generally be classified into one of the three categories in the table below depending on their methods of treatment and pricing. Although each category has its advantages and disadvantages, it can be expected that the higher the price of the operation, and the fewer number of patients seen, the higher the quality of the hair transplant and the more the consistent results will be:

All-Inclusive Mid-Tier Highest Quality
All-inclusive package ranging from 1,500 USD – 3,000 USD.
1 USD per graft – 1.5 USD graft
2 USD per graft – 3 USD per graft
Minimal involvement from the surgeon, the majority of the procedures are performed by typically less experienced technicians.
Higher surgeon involvement than in the All-Inclusive category.
Highest amount of surgeon involvement with the surgeon performing all of the graft extractions and incisions.
Some clinics will see up to 30 patients seeking hair transplants in a single day.
Only one to three patients a day meaning each patient receives more personalized care.
Only one patient is seen each day, this category gives the most personalized care for the patient.
No limit to the number of grafts extracted, even extremely large amounts from 4,500-5,500 are done in one session.
The clinic sets a limit of 3,000 grafts in one session.
The clinic has an even lower limit than Category 2 with only 2,000 grafts being extracted in one session.


The first category of clinics provides the cheapest treatment options with an all-inclusive package covering hotel costs, plane tickets, and accommodation in most cases. Patients at these clinics can only expect doctor involvement during the consultation and hairline design, the transplant itself is performed by less skilled technicians. The large inflow of patients in this category means that procedures are often rushed which can lead to improper management of the donor area, inconsistent results varying case by case, and in many instances overharvesting from the donor area.

Pros Cons
Very affordable price. The actual hair transplant is performed by technicians rather than the surgeon.
All-inclusive package deal. Up to 30 patients treated per day.
Hairline design and consultation are usually performed by the surgeon. No limit to the number of grafts extracted per session with as many as 5,500 grafts being extracted in one sitting.
Can pay for a “VIP” package to receive higher doctor involvement. Little to no knowledge or experience with performing repairs for hair transplants.
Treatments are performed quickly instead of the patients needing to stay for an extended period of time to complete multiple sessions. Unnatural looking hairlines are most commonly found in results from this category of clinics.
The hair transplantation process tend to be rushed due to the large influx of patients, leading to improper management of the donor area.
Little to no consistency in results.
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The second category of clinics is more costly than the all-inclusive category, but many of the disadvantages are mitigated. Patients who go to these clinics can expect to have more personalized care, their results will appear more natural, and the surgeons are far less likely to overharvest the donor region.

Pros Cons
Prices are adjusted based on the number of grafts needed. The surgeons in this category are sometimes not as skilled at creating a high density of hair as surgeons in the Highest-Quality category.
Higher degree of surgeon involvement with the surgeon always making the incisions as well as conducting the consultation and the hairline design. More costly than the all-inclusive category of clinics.
The limited number of patients means there is a more personalized approach to the treatment. These clinics have less experience with using graft extractions of body hair for hair transplantation on the scalp.
Single grafts are placed along the hairline giving it a more natural appearance. Patients must find their own hotels, flights and meals and must pay these costs in addition to the cost of the hair transplantation.
There is a limit placed on the number of grafts extracted each day, this prevents tiredness and the loss of precision.

Highest Quality

The third category of clinics provides their patients with premium care and results, but at a premium price. Patients who go to these clinics can expect the best quality of hair transplant and personalized care. They will have a much higher degree of trust in the clinic as the surgeon themselves walks them through each step of the process as they are the only patient seen that day.

Pros Cons
The most natural looking results come from the clinics in the Highest-Quality category at the most consistent standard of quality. These clinics are the costliest option for hair transplants in Turkey.
These clinics are the most skilled at hair restoration, particularly in the crown and temporal areas. Patients must find their own hotels, flights and meals and must pay these costs in addition to the cost of the hair transplantation.
The surgeons in these clinics have the most experience using body hair to transplant to the head. These clinics take the longest amount of time with a full treatment lasting three days for roughly 4,500 grafts.
The doctors at these clinics have the highest degree of involvement performing personal consultations, hairline design, graft extraction, and incisions.
svgOur tip

The prices and quality of hair transplant clinics in Turkey vary greatly. Every day, we receive excellent results from patients as well as cruel and unnatural results. This makes it all the more important to be well informed before deciding on a clinic in Turkey. We have extensively reviewed many hair transplant providers in the Turkish market and our experts are happy to inform you about the results. Request results now ->

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Hair transplant packages Turkey

The all-inclusive packages offered by Turkish healthcare facilities set Turkey apart from others around the world. These comprehensive packages include everything from the hair transplant procedure to the accommodation, entertainment, and much more. This removes the hassle of planning your entire trip from start to finish, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

Ranging from 1,500 USD to 3,500 USD, the all-inclusive packages may offer more incentives for those looking for affordability. However, there are also some caveats including low doctor involvement in the actual procedure. Before being lured in by the extra amenities, it’s important to focus on choosing the right medical experts for the best results. 

Here are some services covered by all-inclusive hair transplant packages in Turkey:

  • The Transplant – This includes the price of all medical amenities needed during the procedure and the treatment itself. The cost is determined based on the number of grafts required.
  • Transportation – Patients are greeted at the airport by a dedicated representative who covers all their transportation needs from the hotel to the clinic and all over the city. 
  • Translation Service – International patients are provided with translation services to make communication easier.
  • Accommodation – Accommodation costs in 4 to 5-star hotels are also covered. 
  • Aftercare – Follow-ups, post-op consultation, and the shampoos, creams, and other products recommended by the doctor. 
  • Entertainment – Premium packages may also cover dining, city tours, sightseeing, and other entertainment options. These packages are at least 15% more expensive than the regular ones.

Hair Transplant methods and costs in Turkey

The average price for the FUE method in Turkey is only 1.07 USD per graft. In the UK average of 3.22 USD per Graft is charged. It is nearly impossible to find a cheaper rate in the UK or US.

In Turkey, the FUE method is almost exclusively practiced and the FUT hair transplant is very rare. DHI hair transplants are also often offered. Modern removal techniques, such as the ARTAS robot, are not yet used in the country. Also, alternative hair loss treatment methods, like PRP therapy, are not widely offered. However, some doctors do offer micro hair pigmentation (MHP). However, hair pigmentation in Turkey is not significantly cheaper than in the UK or in the US.

Hair Transplant in Turkey in 6 Steps

  • Step 1: Contact clinics and get offers and graft estimates – The first step is to research clinics in Turkey including their offers and graft costs. You can search through several directories online and call clinics for further information. It’s important to check the medical licenses and accreditation as well as the before and after results of each clinic to make your final decision.
  • Step 2: Plan the procedure & book flights – Once you’ve finalized a clinic, you can make an appointment, plan your trip to Turkey and book your flights. Many hair transplant clinics require advanced booking so make sure your dates match their availability. If you’ve chosen a package, the flight tickets may be included in it. 
  • Step 3: Fly to Turkey – When you reach your destination, you might be greeted by a medical representative if you choose to stay at a location recommended by the clinic. Many clinics offer free transportation services in their packages as they partner up with several hotels in the vicinity. 
  • Step 4: Consultation with the doctor and surgery day – Your first consultation with the doctor occurs on the day of the transplant. The consultation includes an inspection of the scalp and determination of the number of grafts needed for the best results. The consultation is a good time to ask questions from your doctor. After that, the hair transplant procedure will begin. 
  • Step 5: After Care – The next day you will be escorted for a checkup in which the doctor will give you post-op instructions and products for aftercare. 
  • Step 6: Fly back to your home country – That’s it, once you’ve received all the instructions and products from your doctor, you can now fly back home and enjoy your new hair! 

Things many patients wished to know before a hair transplant in Turkey

  • The hair transplantation industry in Turkey is extremely competitive which is partially why the clinics there offer such low prices for their procedures to help attract patients especially from foreign countries. However, this can lead to medical tourists only looking at price as a factor for choosing a clinic and receiving an undesirable result from an inexperienced physician. Researching clinics and the surgeon’s experience prior to deciding where you will have your transplant is very important.
  • Medical tourism is very popular in Turkey, each year more than 100,000 people travel to Turkey to receive a hair transplant. Many people feel a sense of shame or as though they are only person who would make the decision to travel to Turkey for a hair transplant when in reality, they are one of thousands.
  • In Turkey hair transplantation clinics are separated into two major categories, those which are all-inclusive and provide package deals for the treatments or those which charge patients based on the number of grafts. While the all-inclusive category is convenient, it can also be an indicator of low-quality work. The transplants performed at these clinics are carried out by technicians rather than surgeons. The results are therefore inconsistent because of the varying degree of experience each technician has. The second category is more expensive, but the work is carried out by the surgeons rather than technicians, so patients can expect higher quality results with more consistency.
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History of hair transplants in Turkey

The history of hair transplants in Turkey dates back to the first ever procedure performed by Dr. Menahem Hodara in 1897. While treating hair loss caused by ‘favus’, Hodara harvested follicles from the unaffected scalp and inserted them into the favus-affected region. The results were amazingly successful and the rest is history!


The Rise of Medical Tourism 

Over the years there was a significant development in hair transplant methods all over the world, notably in Japan, the USA, and Europe. Turkey may have been the destination for one of the first few hair transplants in the world but Turkish medical tourism didn’t take off until 2003. That’s when airlines started offering low-cost flights to Turkey from western European countries like the UK.

With cheaper flights, a low cost of labor, and a convenient location, Turkey was all-set to disrupt the international medical tourism market. To boost revenue earned through medical tourism, Turkey reformed its healthcare system to rival that of western countries. In 2013, the country introduced a publicly funded healthcare system that included the inauguration of world-class public hospitals. 

By 2014, the Turkish Ministry of Health was focusing on acquiring accreditation of healthcare providers to raise the country’s medical standards. Marketing, translation services, and other areas were being fine-tuned to support the medical tourism industry. Turkey even implemented initiatives to boost the number of medical school graduates and other incentives that encouraged healthcare institutions to cater to foreigners.

At the forefront of this revolution were hair transplant clinics and professionals that were turning hair restoration into the biggest medical tourism niche in the country.


The Turkish Hair Transplant Industry Today

Today, medical tourism in Turkey is a 7 billion USD industry with hair transplants being the most lucrative niche. Furthermore, the latest statistics indicate that there are somewhere around 250 hair transplant clinics in Istanbul and 700 hair transplant providers in Turkey. It is estimated that 1,05 million people traveled to Turkey for a hair transplant in 2021 alone. In 2019, 750,000 hair transplants were performed in Turkey. The turkish hair transplant clinics generated a revenue of 1.8 billion USD in 2021. This may have contributed around 10 billion USD to the Turkish economy as a whole (tourism, accommodation etc.). 

Turkey’s medical tourism is growing by approximately 22.6% each year. There’s no doubt that the country’s investment has paid off and resulted in a massive improvement in its healthcare sector. With a successful collaboration of the tourism and medical industries, Turkey has established itself as a world leader in affordable, world-class hair transplant services.

Number of hair transplants worldwide

Why are hair transplants in Turkey so popular?

Turkey’s hair transplant industry has skyrocketed, bringing in billions in foreign revenue. But with so many hair treatment options available all over the world, why do patients choose Turkey as their ideal destination? From affordable prices to cutting edge procedures, there are several reasons why Turkey is the best option for hair transplant.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons why patients from all over the globe visit Turkey for hair transplants.

  • Affordable prices – Factors such as low labor cost, a high number of treatments, and government incentives make hair transplants super affordable in Turkey. Patients can also avail all-inclusive packages that include everything from the procedure and accommodation to transport and aftercare. Turkish Airlines is also known to offer 50% discounts on tickets for medical tourists.
  • Internationally Certified, Well-Equipped Hospitals – Turkey has managed to modernize its healthcare sector and medical infrastructure to rival international standards. Hair transplant doctors in Turkey are practicing the most advanced technologies including FUE and DHI. Most facilities and professionals in Turkey are also equipped with international accreditation and proper licenses.  
  • Extensive Experience – More than one million people travel to Turkey for a hair transplant. The sheer number of hair transplants performed by Turkish doctors provides them with extensive experience. Since most of these patients are international, the hair transplant facilities in Turkey are tailored to be convenient for foreigners. 
  • Doctors Trained in the Western World – All the best hair surgeons and professionals in the country have received education and training from international organizations abroad. Many have extensive experience working in western countries.
  • Ideal Geographic Location – Turkey’s proximity to major cities in Europe, Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East makes it the perfect location for affordable medical tourism. In addition to that, the country is considered to be a tourist destination with many important cultural and historical landmarks.

Turkey as a country

Almost 3 million British tourists fly to this travel destination every year. In addition to the sunny beaches around Antalya, many tourists are also drawn to the mega-metropolis of Istanbul. Over 15 million people live in the city on the Bosporus. Istanbul has a long, rich history. It was the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire so it is not surprising that the city also offers numerous cultural sights. One of the most famous being the former Byzantine church and the mosque Hagia Sophia. The metropolis has a pleasant average annual temperature of 18.5 degrees Celsius or 65.3 degrees Fahrenheit and is therefore not only financially worthwhile for a hair transplant, but also for a city vacation. In addition, a stay in the city can be extended with an excursion to the seaside resorts of the country.

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Alternatives to Turkey?

The long journey to Turkey is not always necessary. Hair transplants and other hair loss treatments are also offered in the UK or in the US by a large number of doctors. Get an overview of the hair transplant methods and prices of hair surgeons in other locations:

Is your preferred city not mentioned? No problem, just sign up and we will provide you with qualified hair surgeons near you. Would you like to learn more about hair transplantation? Then inform yourself now in our guide!

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