Hair Transplant for Women

Dr. Karen Owen

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Written by Matilda H. Updated on 20 Jun 2024

Even though men are more frequently affected by hair loss than women, 42% of all European women show signs of hereditary hair loss. The causes of hair loss in women can also include an unbalanced diet, stress or menopause. Hair transplantation is one of the most effective treatments for female androgenetic alopecia.

Female androgenetic alopecia

In contrast to male androgenetic hair loss, androgens are not responsible for female congenital hair loss. New research results suggest that reduced aromatase activity leads to lower estrogen formation and consequently to hair loss.


The female sex hormone estrogen promotes hair growth. Therefore, reduced estrogen production can promote hair loss in women.

However, there is still relatively little known about female pattern hair loss in general.

Hair transplant by gender

What does your hair loss look like?

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Progress of hair loss in women

Female pattern hair loss differs greatly from the typical male hair loss according to the Hamilton-Norwood pattern.

In women, hair loss often develops from the mid-crown area. Then the hair loss extends towards the back of the head and the hairline. In advanced stages, hair loss can also continue laterally.

Typical female pattern hair loss: The ludwig scale.


In many cases, there is also diffuse hair loss in the hairline region. In women, complete hair loss or partial baldness is very rare. The typical female hair loss pattern is represented by the Ludwig scheme or Olsen scheme (“Christmas tree”).

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Which women are good candidates for a hair transplant?

Unfortunately, while the majority of men suffering from hair loss will be viable candidates for a hair transplant, far less women who suffer from hair loss are suitable for this treatment. This is due to the fact that women more commonly suffer from diffuse hair loss rather than pattern baldness. With diffuse hair loss there is thinning hair all over the head meaning there is a much smaller donor area. According to our hair transplant statistics 15.8% of all hair transplants are performed on women.

Hair transplants are only suitable for women who suffer from hair loss on the crown of their head, and still have healthy, durable hair on the sides and back of their hair. This DHT-resistant hair is used as donor hair for their transplantation because it will not be susceptible to hair loss.

There are many afflictions women suffer from which are easily treatable with a hair transplantation. These include androgenetic alopecia, mechanical alopecia, a high hairline, scarring from plastic surgery and hair loss from trauma. In addition, it is a common procedure for males transitioning into females to help them achieve a more feminine appearance.

Female hair transplant types:

  • Increasing the density of hair in the part of the hair
  • Redesigning the hairline
  • Lowering the hairline
  • Eyebrow transplantation
  • Scalp reduction surgery
  • Covering scars
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Procedure of hair transplantation in women

Hair transplantation is not only an option for women with androgenetic hair loss, but also for female patients who have lost their hair due to an accident or wish to reduce the size of their high forehead.

Hair transplantation for women has the same risks as it does for men. Hair transplantation for women works largely in the same way as hair transplantation for men as well with the two most common hair transplantation procedures: The FUE – method (Follicular Unit Extraction) and the FUT – method (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

The two hair transplant methods differ mainly in the extraction technique of the individual hair groups. With the FUE method, the hair groups are extracted individually from the donor area with a fine hollow drill. In the FUT method, a strip of skin is cut from the donor area, which is then dissected under the microscope into individual hair groups.

In most cases, the donor area is the back of the patient’s head, as the hair in this area is resistant to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone is primarily responsible for hair loss caused by the androgenetic alopecia.

The hair does not lose this resistance even after the hair transplantation and therefore grows in the transplanted area permanently. Finally, the natural hair groups are inserted into the recipient area.

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Before and After hair transplants of women

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Female hair transplants: Are there any alternatives?

As with men, hair transplantation is not always a suitable option for women suffering from hair loss. In fact, only 2-5% of women who suffer from hair loss are suitable candidates for the procedure. There are other options for women to treat hair loss, and it is often easier for women to disguise their hair loss than it is for men.

One of the most common topical hair loss treatments for both men and women is minoxidil, sold under the name Regaine or Rogaine. This treatment has proven effective in stopping further hair loss, and in some cases stimulate hair growth.

Several other treatments have been known to stimulate hair growth, these include PRP therapy and low-level laser therapy. Both treatments work to improve blood circulation in the scalp, helping nutrients reach the hair follicles and stimulate growth. Finasteride is unfortunately not suitable for hair loss in women.

There are also styling options, like hair coloring, for women which help reduce the appearance of diffuse hair loss. Women also tend to wear their hair longer than men which makes it easier to style their hair in a way that hides their hair loss.

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Costs of hair transplantation for women

The cost of hair transplantation for women is not very different from the cost of male hair transplantation.

According to our current hair transplantation cost study, hair transplantation in the UK costs an average of 3.22 USD per graft. In the US hair transplantation costs on average 5.44 USD per graft. In Turkey, the average cost is 1.07 USD per graft.

The average total cost for 2,500 grafts in Turkey is roughly 2,675.61 USD. Since hair transplantation is mostly an aesthetic operation and there is no medical necessity, the treatment costs are not covered by the health insurance and must be paid out of pocket.

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What does your hair loss look like?

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