Hair Transplant Mexico (2022)

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Sternberg Written by David Stelzer on 2 May 2022

Mexico is a location growing in popularity for the hair transplant industry. It is experiencing an influx of medical tourism from North America as patients are drawn to the cheap prices and package deals offered by clinics in Mexico.

It can be a better alternative than locations like Turkey for US residents to reduce the cost of their procedure because of the lower associated travel costs. Use this article to help you determine if Mexico could be the appropriate location for you.

In a Nutshellsvg

Costs $2,250 - $4,114
Methods FUE, DHI etc.
Duration 3 - 8 hours
Clinics 8 clinics

Hair Transplant Mexico: Pro and Cons

Pros Cons
One of the major benefits of hair transplants in Mexico is the cheap prices available. The average cost per graft is 1.70 USD cheaper than the global average at 1.28 USD. Mexico does not monitor their surgical procedures as much as the US for hygiene and education standards. The qualification of doctors in the US is more consistent than in Mexico. This does not mean that there aren’t high quality clinics in Mexico, more research must be done to identify them.
Some clinics in Mexico offer all-inclusive package deals which cover prices for things like hotel stays, concierge service, airport transportation etc. Due to the distance, consultation must be done remotely before the patient travels to Mexico to have the hair transplantation performed. This can be quite unnerving for patients as they don’t get to see the clinic in person beforehand.
A hair transplant in Mexico can be combined with a sunny, tropical vacation very easily. Patients can experience the exciting atmosphere in Mexico before or after they receive the hair transplantation. There are additional costs associated with the travel to Mexico for medical tourists. These include plane tickets as well as transportation in Mexico for those who do not use an all-inclusive package.

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Hair Transplant Methods in Mexico

The extraction, storage and removal phases are a part of all hair transplant processes regardless of the method used.  Storage and insertion techniques are virtually identical for all hair transplant methods. Different methods have been developed by experts to better serve different candidates depending on their individual form of hair loss. The FUE and FUT techniques are the most common methods used by hair transplant surgeons in Mexico.

The FUE method is very popular with hair surgeons and clinics in Mexico. It is a minimally invasive technique of hair transplantation. It leaves very little scarring as a thin, hollow needle is used to remove hair groupings consisting of one to four hair follicles directly from the scalp. The FUE method leaves small, circular white scars scattered across the donor area from the removal rather than a long, thin scar which is typical with the FUT method. Although the FUE method is more popular now, it is not inherently better than the FUT method. Experts argue that the appropriate method should be determined using the patient’s unique form of hair loss and treatment desires.

According to the medihair hair restoration research, the most popular hair transplant method is currently FUE:

Candidates who don’t need a large number of grafts to cover their bald or thinning spots and prefer short hairstyles tend to be better candidates for the FUE method of hair transplantation. The scarring from this hair restoration procedure is less noticeable than the long, thin scar left after the FUT method. This technique also requires patients to have a dense, full donor area that is well-defined for surgeons to extract grafts from. This minimally invasive method is better for older patients who do not have the same healing ability as younger patients.

The FUT or Strip method involves the hair transplant surgeon carefully extracting a strip of skin with dense, full hair from the donor area. This strip is then dissected into individual hair follicles, or grafts to be reinserted into recipient channels. These grafts are stored in a sterile, cooling solution while the surgeon creates the small incisions on the scalp for recipient channels.

Younger candidates tend to be preferred for the FUT method as it requires a more healing than the FUE method and young candidates have a higher degree of scalp flexibility. This method will leave the donor area full and intact so in the future the patient may have a touchup procedure done. This procedure allows doctors to transplant a large number of grafts in a short amount of time as there is less manual labor involved.

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Cost of Hair Transplants in Mexico

In our comprehensive hair transplant cost research, we were able to review and analyze hair transplant offers from eight clinics in Mexico to find the average price per graft in Mexico of 1.28 USD. This price is 1.70 USD below the global average of 2.98 USD, making Mexico one of the cheapest locations in the world to have a hair transplant. We calculated that for 2,500 grafts there is an average total of 3,201.51 USD.

In comparison, the 2020 the International Society of Hair Transplant Surgery (ISHRS) global census found the average price per graft to be 2.98 USD and the average number of grafts to be 2,083 per hair transplant. We used this information to calculate the average total cost for a hair transplant to be 6,208 USD globally.

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How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic in Mexico

It can be very difficult for individuals who are inexperienced in the field of hair transplantation to sift through the mass of information on the internet to find a suitable clinic. We have made it our mission to help our clients find a high-quality hair transplant clinic with ease. Our experts have compiled a list of the most important information to review and questions to ask before deciding on a clinic:

  • Quality is more important than quantity: One of the most important indicators of quality for a hair clinic is the number of hair transplants they perform in a single day. The best clinics will only conduct 1-2 transplants in a day so the surgeon can deliver a highly personalized, quality transplant. When too many patients are seen in a single day, they do not get the care and attention they deserve.
  • What parts of the procedure are performed by the surgeon? Inconsistent results from a hair transplant clinic are usually caused by the surgeon leaving the technicians to perform most of the manual part of the surgery. The technicians are not as educated or experienced as the surgeon is and they cannot provide the same quality of results. The greater surgeon involvement, the better the hair transplant.
  • Surgeon qualifications: We recommend our patients search for a surgeon who is a member of the IAHRS (International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeon) or the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). These memberships serve as a certification of the surgeon or clinic’s skills and qualifications. In addition, a further level of certification a patient could search for is the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). An international qualification shows a high degree of skill and experience from the surgeon and clinic.
  • Proof of the results of their work: High resolution, well-lit results photos are very indicative of the surgeon’s work. It is important to review these in order to see if their treatments align with your desired results. Sometimes clinics will upload blurry, dimly lit photos to disguise a subpar hair transplant.
  • Read the reviews or meet their former patients: Reviews from former patients are an excellent way to gain insight on how a clinic or surgeon treats their patients during consultation and aftercare. Although the transplant results may look great from photos, this is no indication of the service and care you can expect to receive outside of the procedure.

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Alternatives to Mexico?

Hair transplant clinics are located across the world as this form of cosmetic surgery has been rapidly growing in popularity. Alternative locations to Mexico may prove to be a better option for your treatment requirements. You can look at the overview of methods and prices of clinics our experts have compiled for a number of various locations:

Is your preferred destination or clinic not mentioned? No problem, just sign up and we will provide you with qualified hair surgeons near you.

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