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With the expensive costs of hair transplants in the western world, countries like Brazil have been growing in popularity for hair transplant tourism due to low prices. We have compiled this guide for you to help in finding the right hair transplant clinic in Brazil for you.


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Best hair transplant doctors in Brazil

Based on mentions by users, ratings and overall reputation awe have compiled a list of the top 5 clinics and doctors for hair transplant in Brazil. The list has no ranking order.

Clinic and Doctors Methods and Location Price per Graft in USD (for 2.500 Grafts)
Dr. Márcio Crisóstomo
FUE & FUT | Brazil
3.00 USD (7,500 USD)
Dr. Maria A. Muricy
FUE | Brazil
3.20 USD (8,000 USD)
Dr. Antonio Ruston
FUE & FUT | Brazil
3.10 USD (7,750 USD)
Dr. Arthur Tykocinski
FUE & FUT | Brazil
3.50 USD (8,750 USD)
Dr. Fernando T. Basto
FUE & FUT | Brazil
3.00 USD (7,500 USD)

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Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Online Consultation: Most clinics provide free non-binding consultations online. Traveling: Traveling to Brazil will add to the price of the procedure if the clinic does not offer all-inclusive services.
Communication: Many clinics state that they speak English too so that the communication can be conducted more efficiently and comfortably. Transparency: Many clinics require to send an inquiry for the price of the procedure.
Specialisation: Many clinics in Brazil specialize specifically in treating hair loss and performing hair transplantation. So, they are more concentrated on improving their skills in hair transplantation. Digital consultation: Online consultations may not be so comfortable and cause some level of distress for the patient.
Vacation: There is an opportunity to combine your stay for a short weekend in Brazil with the surgery. There are many lovely sightseeing places worth visiting. No in-person consultation: In addition, the patient does not have an opportunity to visit and see the clinics before arriving there.
Extras: Some clinics offer additional services and facilities such as a hotel, a TV, a cafeteria, etc. Cumbersome: Having to travel after the surgery may bring some discomfort and difficulty compared to doing the procedure in one’s home country.
Language: A language barrier at some clinics may cause some problems.
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Our hair grows in small groups containing one to four hairpieces called follicular units. A follicular unit consists of a hair itself and a follicle: a small sack-like structure that provides nourishment for the growing hair. That is why it is essential to extract them with care. There are two main hair transplant methods to remove these follicular units: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Most common hair transplant method

FUT involves taking some strips of hair with many follicular units from the donor area, which has good thick hair, and transferring it to the recipient area, i.e., the bald area on your head. Then, hair strips are cut into many smaller units called grafts. Grafts contain just several hairs that are further inserted into the scalp with the help of a micro-needle. It can be divided into up to 2,000 units depending on how big the transplant is. The procedure may take 4 to 8 hours, depending on how big the transplant is. In addition, the number of grafts needed also depends on the bald area that will be covered. The maximum number of grafts to be transplanted in a single session may reach 4,000 units.

Generally, the surgery is performed with the local anesthetic and with a microscope to help not to damage the follicles.

The procedure allows making implanted hair look natural. The implanted hair will grow as usual on the recipient area. It is said that the implanted hair may fall out after the procedure, but it is not a problem. New hair will grow with a usual average growth speed.

Hair transplant age and gender

The FUE technique, on the other hand, the FUE technique allows extracting follicular units individually from the donor area with the help of special tools. Then, the surgeon makes special holes in the recipient area where he places the extracted follicular units. This technique is growing in popularity as it does not require using stitches in the donor area. It is also said that the FUE technique doesn’t leave a linear scar, unlike the FUT technique, but some small round scars may remain. However, short hairstyles can hide them if the procedure has been done correctly.

This procedure is technically similar to the FUT procedure. The surgeon injects a local anesthetic to both the donor and the recipient area and then, with the help of a microscope and micro-needle, makes a small incision and extracts a follicular unit. Thus, they are extracted one by one without any stitches needed. Only 800 follicular units can be transplanted in one session, so more than one session may be required.

After the surgery, irrespective of the technique, the scalp may be sensitive. However, doctors should instruct their patients on the medication and painkillers to use together with other activities such as special care and how to attend to it.

The person willing to perform the surgery must consult with the doctor about the technique to be used in the particular case. In addition, it is advisable to discuss all the details of the procedure and set realistic expectations of the result. The doctor should also provide details of possible complications or risks, so the patient has complete information on the surgery.


Many people wonder how much such surgery may cost as it becomes essential though it should not be a key factor. However, there is no simple answer to this question. Most of the clinics in Brazil do not offer a fixed price list but provide personalized quotes. They ask their prospective clients to send a request accompanied by providing more details and even attaching photos of the bald area.



Thus, they can better estimate how much the procedure will cost as it highly depends on the size of the area with hair loss and other aspects such as the technique and what facilities and services the clinic offers. Some clinics in Brazil also offer free non-binding consultations. Asking for such a consultation is an excellent chance to research and inquire about various offers and packages to find the one that suits your particular case of hair loss problem and personal preferences. Some clinics may offer a package with additional services such as a hotel and a high comfort level.


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How to choose a clinic

Choosing a suitable clinic is not an easy task, especially if you have to sieve through hundreds of options. However, it is a necessary thing. Several criteria should be considered when choosing a perfect clinic for you. First of all, it is good to do research on what clinics are available in Brazil and what accreditations and certifications they possess. It is recommended to check how many surgeries they have per day what the
reviews are.

Furthermore, there should be before-and-after-pictures of previous clients to see what you can expect from the procedure and what results it can potentially provide. If there is an opportunity to contact the previous clients personally, it would be good.

Then, check what procedure and techniques the clinic can offer. If the clinic specializes only in one method, it may limit your choice. It is an advantage to be able to have options to choose from.

Another aspect worth considering is personnel. You should check what staff works in the clinic and their relevant experience. Doctors should be experienced and knowledgeable in the field. In addition, the clinic’s facility is of high importance. Experienced and professional doctors need modern and reliable equipment to work with to provide the best result possible. So, it is nice to check the clinic’s website for photos or any information about what equipment they use for such surgeries. It is also worth comparing prices for the procedures, though it shouldn’t be the main factor as the treatment price may significantly depend on the aforementioned aspects. It is not worth saving up on quality.

Alternative countries

Many people around the globe face the same problem of hair loss, so hair transplantation is gaining popularity worldwide, and there is a wide choice of clinics offering aesthetic services in many countries. Thus, there is a high chance of finding a good and reliable clinic in another country besides Brazil. Depending on your special treatment needs and preferences, you can look for hair transplant clinics in countries like the UK, Mexico, Turkey, India, etc. They may turn out to be a better option for your particular case. You can find out more details:

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