Hair Transplant Germany (2024)

Dr. Karen Owen

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Written by Erin D. Updated on 1 Feb 2024

Germany is among the most popular destinations for hair transplantation. As one of the most advanced countries in Europe, it offers a high quality of service, world-class facilities, and competitive pricing. Let’s take a look at why Germany might be the ideal option for your next hair transplant!

Before and after in Germany

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Top 5 Hair Transplants Clinics in Germany

You can easily find an abundance of reputable hair transplant clinics scattered all over Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and other major cities in Germany. Most clinics offer state-of-the-art techniques such as FUE and FUT with high standards of care. Choosing the best hair transplant clinic to meet your needs is the first step toward a successful hair procedure. Here’s our list of the top hair transplant clinics in Germany:

Clinic and Doctors Methods and Location Price per Graft in USD (for 2.500 Grafts)
Dr. Pees
FUE & FUT | Heidelberg
3.00 USD (7,500 USD)
Dr. Erdmann
FUE | Hamburg
3.00 USD (7,500 USD)
Dr. Atila
FUE | Düsseldorf
2.50 USD (6,250 USD)
Dr. Moheb
FUE & FUT & ARTAS | Hamburg
2.00 USD (5,000 USD)
Dr. Alamouti
FUE & FUT & ARTAS | Bochum
3.00 USD (7,500 USD)

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Pros and Cons

Pro Cons
Value for money: International hair transplant seekers will find Germany to offer good value for money. The average graft cost in Germany is 0.07 USD lower than the international average making it cheaper than in the UK or US. Price: Hair transplants in Germany may be more expensive than in other countries like Turkey, Mexico, India, etc.
Standards: Housing some of the best medical care facilities in Europe, Germany’s quality of service and medical standards are unmatched. Remote Consultation: International patients may have to go through remote consultation. This can be uncomfortable for some as it doesn’t allow you to see the doctor and clinic beforehand.
Methods: German hair surgeons specialize in the latest techniques including FUE, FUT, and DHI. Many world-renowned hair specialists in Germany actively research and develop innovative methods. Travel: Non-EU citizens might find it expensive to travel to Germany and pay for other necessities including transport and accommodation.
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Cost of Hair Transplants in Germany

After an extensive cost analysis of hair transplant prices from all over the world, our experts have surmised that the global average price per graft is 2.98 USD. According to the cost study, Germany’s average cost per graft came out to be 2.93 USD which is 0.07 USD lower than the international average. 

Considering the standard and quality of care, hair transplant services in Germany are most comparable to the UK. In a comparison between their prices, Germany comes out on top as the more affordable option. While 2,500 grafts may cost you around $7,325 in Germany, the same procedures may cost $7,371 in the UK at 3.22 USD per graft.



In comparison to other Western countries such as the USA, Canada, and Australia, Germany still seems to be the more affordable choice. German clinics may offer lower prices, but they don’t sacrifice quality in the process. International candidates can also benefit from discounts availed through all-inclusive packages that may cover accommodation, travel, and other expenses.

Hair Transplants Methods in Germany

Germany is one of the most advanced European countries when it comes to medical infrastructure and development. Hair transplant is an ever-growing field of interest that contributes to the country’s medical tourism. As a result, hair specialists in Germany actively practice the latest methods of hair transplantation that are popular all over the world. 


Hai Transplant FUT or FUE


The most commonly used hair transplant techniques among German hair surgeons include FUE and FUT or strip method. According to research, FUE hair transplant has become the most popular method around the world. In Germany, some doctors also practice DHI which is a new and advanced method of hair transplantation. So whether you prefer FUE, FUT, or DHI, you’ll find many options for each hair transplant method in Germany.

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How to choose a hair transplant clinic in Germany

If it’s your first time getting a hair transplant, finding the right clinic to fulfill all your requirements can be a daunting experience. Getting a hair restoration surgery can be a life-altering decision so it’s best to choose the most reliable and trustworthy option. 

Here are some tips from our experts to help you decide which hair surgeon or clinic fits your needs:

  • Find Out the Qualifications of the Physicians

Research the qualifications, publications, and memberships of the physicians. It is recommended to go for doctors who are members of the IAHRS (International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons) or the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). These are internationally recognized organizations that prove the capability and experience of the surgeon. 

Most important criterion for the selection of the hair transplant clinic


  • Look at Transformation Photos & Case Studies

There’s no better way to gauge the expertise of a surgeon than to look at the before and after pictures of their patients. Look for high-resolution pictures of the hair transformation and let the results speak for themselves. You may find that some clinics upload grainy, poorly lit pictures to hide low-quality results.

  • Determine Surgeon Involvement

Some surgeons have minimal involvement in the hair transplant surgeries and leave their technicians to take care of patients. This produces inconsistent and subpar results. Determine whether the surgeon you’re choosing is involved throughout the procedure or not.

  • Go Through Patient Reviews

Apart from the before and after results, it’s important to judge how customer-friendly and accommodating the clinic is. Going through customer reviews or speaking to former patients can help you determine the quality of service. 

  • Get a Consultation

Before you commit to the possibility of a hair transplant, it can be useful to get a consultation from the clinic you’ve chosen. This can help you gauge the experience of the doctor and how comfortable you feel with them. It will also be a chance for your doctor to come up with a personalized treatment plan and hair transplant option for you. If the clinic is in another country, make sure they offer remote consultations to make the process easier. 

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Alternatives to Germany

Germany isn’t the only country that offers advanced hair transplant services at affordable rates. There are countless hair clinics located all over the world, offering you many alternatives. Countries like Turkey, Mexico, Italy, and many more have become popular destinations for hair transplants.

Perhaps Germany is too far from your home country, why not try a more convenient location? Here are some alternatives compiled by our experts to help you find the ideal destination: 

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