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Medically reviewed by Dr. Sternberg Written by Alex Rode on 12 Jan 2023

In the USA there is a very large number of clinics and it is important to be well-informed before choosing one of them for the procedure. It is also very expensive to get a hair transplant in the USA, using this guide you can find the best clinic for you and help reduce the price.

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Top 5 Hair Transplant Clinics in the US

Based on ratings, reputation and number of mentions we have compiled a list of the top 5 clinics and doctors for hair transplant in the US. The list has no ranking order.

Clinic and Doctors Methods and Location Price per Graft in USD (for 2.500 Grafts)
Dr. Ron Shapiro
FUE | Minneapolis
5.15 USD (12,875 USD)
Dr. Raymond Konior
FUE & FUT| Chicago
5.60 USD (14,000 USD)
Dr. Gary Linkov
FUE | New York
5.50 USD (12,500 USD)
Dr. Daniel McGrath
FUE & FUT| | Austin
6.00 USD (15,500 USD)
Dr. Alan Bauman
FUE | Boca Raton
4.50 USD (11,250 USD)

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Pro and Cons Hair Transplant USA

Pro Cons
Standards: The US has comparable standards to the UK for hygiene and experience required from their surgeons and clinics. Patients who get hair transplants in the US and UK can be sure they are receiving high quality care, and the surgeons they go to will normally have good results. High Prices: The major drawback of hair transplants in the USA is the high cost, transplants cost an average of 5.44 USD per graft which is 2.46 USD more expensive than the global average which adds up very quickly with transplants requiring an average of 2,500 grafts for full coverage.
Distance: You have the ability to recover in the comfort of your own home immediately after the procedure rather than in a hotel with there being clinics all over the USA. Medical Tourism: The USA is not an ideal location for medical tourism to the majority of the world, it is generally more expensive in the USA to get a hair transplant and there are high travel costs.
No Travel: Minimal travel for patients from the USA, there is less time spent flying to other countries for transplants and far lower associated travel expenses.
Language: There are no language barriers for English-speaking patients through any point in the process.
Experience: There were almost as many hair transplants performed in the USA as the Middle East in 2019, there are plenty of clinics to choose from.
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Hair transplant costs in the USA

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) estimated 735,312 total hair restoration surgical procedures were performed in 2019. They found the average global hair transplant cost to be roughly 6,208 USD per surgery. The ISHRS also found the average number of grafts in a hair transplantation was 2,083 in 2019. This mean was used to calculate the average cost per graft globally which came out to roughly 2.98 USD per graft.



The US had one of the most expensive hair transplant prices for each of the countries we examined in our cost study, with an average cost per graft of 5.44 USD making it 2.46 USD more expensive than the global average. Our experts found the cheapest price being 2.80 USD per graft and the most expensive being 10.50 USD per graft. For transplants of 2,500 grafts, we found the average total cost is 13,610.00 USD.



Patients who elect to have a hair loss treatment like a hair transplant in the US and UK can be sure they are receiving high quality care, and the surgeons they go to will have normally good results. However, the US has higher labor costs than the UK causing the average price to be higher in this country. The US has comparable standards to the UK for hygiene and experience required from their surgeons and clinics as well. These factors help explain why both countries are among the most expensive locations in the world for hair transplantation.

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Hair transplant methods in the USA

The three main steps involved in every hair transplantation are: removal, storage and insertion of the hair follicles. The FUT and FUE procedures are the most common techniques currently used in the USA.

The insertion of the hair follicles into small incisions, also known as recipient channels, in the bald area is almost identical for each method. The transplants are inserted with special, angled tweezers.

However, the FUE and FUT methods differ fundamentally in the extraction and removal technique of the hair follicles. 30% of all hair transplants worldwide are performed using the FUT method, also known as the Strip Method. This method involves removing a strip of skin with dense hair from the donor area. The donor area is usually located at the back of the head. The strip of skin is then dissected and prepared into individual follicular units, which are inserted into the recipient holes in the balding area.

After our recent hair restoration statistics the FUE method is globally the most common hair transplant method:

The minimally invasive FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction), involves extracting natural hair groups consisting of one to four individual hair roots from the donor area using a very thin hollow needle and then inserting them in the recipient channels.

The ARTAS method is a further development of the FUE method. The removal phase is mechanically supported rather than having a surgeon manually extract the hair grafts. It is very expensive for hair transplant clinics to purchase the ARTAS equipment and maintain the repairs, which drives up the price of the hair transplant. The ARTAS method is not widely practiced in the USA because of the expensive equipment prices.

The NeoGraft transplantation method is a semi-automated form of the FUE method. This method is growing in popularity in the USA. It is marketed as a more effective form of FUE as it is intended to remove some of the human error associated with the process. It does this by using a “wand” of sorts to specially remove the hair grafts with suction rather than a surgeon manually removing them. The NeoGraft method decreases the removal time for the transplantation and trauma to the scalp, which increase the survival rate as the grafts are removed from the blood supply for a shorter time.

The final method used in the USA is the Direct Hair Implantation, or the DHI method (also called CHOI method in rare cases) is the latest advancement of the FUE method. With the help of special “CHOI Implanter Pens” the hair is transplanted directly without opening the hair channels beforehand. The advantages of this method are that the transplanted hairs lie closer together and the implanted grafts have a higher growth rate.

The FUT method is a preferred option for younger patients as they will heal more quickly from the surgery. This method works well for patients who need a large number of grafts transplanted. It will also avoid thinning the donor area hair as the rest of the donor area besides the scar remains thick.

The FUE method is intended for patients who don’t require as many grafts to be transplanted and want a minimally invasive procedure. It doesn’t leave behind a strip scar the way an FUT hair transplantation procedure will, instead there are miniscule round scars spread over the scalp. It also works well for patients who don’t have as much hair available in the donor area or have a soft scalp.

Patients who want to have a hair transplant using the ARTAS method must be willing to completely shave their hair down. They also must have dark hair that contrasts with light skin in order for the robot to identify the individual graft. It is also unlikely that the ARTAS robot will work for individuals with curly hair.

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How to choose a hair transplant doctor or clinic in the USA

Many patients will look at the cost of a hair transplant as a deciding factor for hair transplant clinics. However, there are many other facts and figures to review which are more important to consider when choosing a clinic. Here is our list of the most important questions to ask or factors to review when researching clinics:

  • Quality is more important than quantity: Surgeons should completely focus on a single patient per day to have a higher degree of involvement in the procedure. The more surgeon involvement, the better the results of the hair transplantation tend to be. The best hair restoration doctors only perform 1-2 hair transplants per day to achieve these personalized results.
  • What parts of the procedure are performed by the surgeon? When a large number of hair transplants are performed by a surgeon each day, the less they will be involved in the procedure. Oftentimes, the clinic’s technicians will perform a large part of these transplant procedures. The technicians have less experience and education than the surgeons, this leads to inconsistent results.
  • Surgeon qualifications: A good way to judge the quality of a surgeon’s work is by checking their qualifications and memberships with various hair transplant societies. Some examples of these include the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), and the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).
  • Proof of the results of their work: It is important to look at a number of results photos from the surgeons to get an idea of the quality of their work. High resolution photos with appropriate lighting are good indicators of quality, sometimes clinics will attempt to mislead patients with blurry photos.
  • Read the reviews or meet their former patients: Reviews from former patients can give an idea of the care you can expect to receive from the clinic. Also, hair transplant before-and-after images are good indicator for the work of the surgeon. You can learn how the clinic treats the patients throughout the entire process, including consultation and post-procedure.
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What are the alternative locations for hair transplants?

Hair transplantation offers are a dime a dozen across the world. Furthermore, the regional price differences are high. Get an overview of the offers now and compare the hair surgeons in the USA, United Kingdom or Turkey based on experiences of real patients, costs and treatment methods:

Is your preferred country or city not included? No problem, you can easily request an overview of all suitable offers. Would you like to learn more about hair transplantation? Then inform yourself now in our guide!

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