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Written by Erin D. Updated on 1 Feb 2024

In recent years, Norway has developed a reputation for being one of the most popular hair transplant destinations in the world. The guide below will provide you with detailed information about the clinics operating in the country, the average cost of a hair transplant and the hair transplant methods being used.

Top 3 Hair Transplant Clinics in Norway

Clinics and Doctors Methods Price per Graft
MasterKliniken (Dr. Marmangiolis)
Upon Request
Poseidon Clinic (Dr. Martha)
Upon Request
Aesthetic Clinic (Dr. Stein Tveten)
Upon Request

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Pros and Cons: Hair Transplant Norway

Pros Cons
High Hygiene and Safety Standards: Norway’s known for their strict adherence to hygiene and patient safety protocols. Every clinic in the country prioritizes patient safety and maintains high cleanliness standards. Cultural Differences: As a foreign patient who doesn’t speak the native language, cultural differences may make communication difficult with healthcare providers.
Personalized Consultations: Norway’s clinics and doctors encourage patients to opt for personalized plans and in-depth consultations, as a way of providing personalized care for every patient. Limited Number of Clinics: While the quality of Norway’s healthcare is top notch, there is a shortage of clinics in the country. So, you might have to wait for your appointment for some time.
Quality Health Care System: Norway’s overall healthcare system is often applauded for its high standards and quality. Almost every clinic in Norway provides access to skilled and experienced healthcare professionals. Travel Expenses: Traveling to Norway may bring some additional expenses and logistical challenges which when combined with the actual cost of the procedure can make you go out of budget.

Cost of Hair Transplants in Norway

As part of our research for this article, we decided to do a cost analysis of hair transplants across the world. Our analysis determined that the average cost of a hair transplant across the world is around $14,298.49. 

Countries having the highest average cost for hair transplants include Canada, which takes the top spot with an average cost of $17,500, and the U.S which comes a close second with an average cost of $13,751. 

The average cost of a hair transplant in Norway on the other hand, lies somewhere between $3,800 and $9,600. While this does signify that Norway’s nowhere near the cheapest country for a hair transplant, it also shows that the country strikes a good balance between affordability and high quality medical standards. 

To estimate the exact cost, however, you will have to take into consideration the number of grafts you need, the experience level of the surgeon you want and the method you’ve opted for.

Hair transplant cost per country

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Hair Transplant Methods in Norway

Clinics in Norway believe more in specializing in a few major techniques than offering up a whole host of techniques that no surgeon has fully mastered. 

Their desire to not experiment with different hair transplant methods has worked in their favor till now as Norway is one of the most popular destinations for a hair transplant in the world. 

From what we have been able to uncover, here is the hair transplant methods most clinics in Norway practice: 

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): FUE, largely considered a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure, involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor area using a punch tool. The collected hair follicles are then transplanted into the recipient areas of the scalp to promote hair growth.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): Generally considered a more invasive method that ensures quick results but slower healing, FUT involves surgically removing a strip of skin containing hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting the strip directly into the recipient areas of the scalp to promote hair growth.  

Most common hair transplant method

How to Choose a Hair Transplant clinic in Norway

Norway can often be difficult to navigate for foreigners, mostly because of its unique day-night cycle. What can be even more daunting is trying to find the right hair transplant clinic in the country, especially considering the numerous reputable options available. 

To help you out, we’ve come up with some information down below that might help you ease into the decision making process. 

  • Quality Wins: Look for clinics that try to limit the number of procedures they take on to 2-3 a day. This shows that a clinic and its lead surgeon is prioritizing quality over quantity.
  • Prioritize Certified Doctors: Only trust reputable doctors and surgeons that have a bonafide certification either from the IAHRS or the ISHRS. 
  • Inspect Before and After Pictures: Before and after pictures are great indicators of a clinic’s devotion to patient care and maintaining high quality. Always check them out before deciding on a clinic.
  • Skim through the Reviews and Testimonials: The number of positive reviews a clinic receives depict the satisfaction rating of its patients. Thus, always make sure you skim through them at least once before making a final decision.
  • Look for Free Consultations: Consulting with your shortlisted clinics for free while sitting in your home country can help you better understand their process, standards and methods before you make the long trip. 

Most important criterion for the selection of the hair transplant clinic

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Cheaper Alternatives to Norway

As mentioned before, Norway is not exactly the cheapest country for a hair transplant. It may possess some of the most advanced medical equipment in the world, but the fact remains that if it’s out of your budget there’s nothing you can do but try to find alternatives. 

The list down below contains a number of a number of alternative countries that all have differing rates for hair transplants. Feel free to check them out. 

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