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Dr. Karen Owen Written by Erin D. Updated on 24 Jun 2024
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Statistics: 8 Most Popular Male Hairstyles (2024)

Dr. Karen Owen

This text was written according to the highest scientific standards and reviewed by medical experts. Find out more about our quality assurance.

Written by Erin D. Updated on 24 Jun 2024

Male hairstyles have seen significant changes in recent years, largely driven by people copying the styles of their favorite celebrities and athletes. To understand what’s trending now, we conducted a survey with 3,638 Medihair users. 

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1. Most Popular Hairstyle Slick Back (19%)
2. Most Popular Hairstyle Crew Cut (17%)
3. Most Popular Hairstyle Buzz Cut (14%)

Most Popular Male Hairstyles

The results of our survey in May 2024 showed that the slick-back hairstyle remains the most popular among males. A style that was originally made famous in the 1920s and 1930s. The crew cut and buzz cut remains quite famous as well.

Hairstyles Top Popular Male Hairstyles (in %)
Slick back 19%
Crew cut 17%
Other haircut 16%
Buzz cut 14%
Pompadour 13%
Medium length wavy hair 8%
Curly fringe 5%
Long hair 4%
Undercut 4%
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Study Design

In May 2024, we conducted a survey among 3,638 Medihair users from the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and Brazil to determine the most popular haircuts. The survey was distributed via email, featuring a short questionnaire with multiple-choice and open-ended questions. Data was collected and analyzed to identify the top haircuts in each country and observe regional trends.

What is the Difference Between the Hairstyles

If you’re thinking about getting one of these cuts but are still confused about how it would look, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

The section below gives you photos of each look, along with a short description that’ll help you figure out if it fits your overall aesthetic. 


Slick back

It is exactly as the style says, the strands of your hair are slicked back and almost glued into place, using a few chosen hair products, near the back of your scalp. This timeless look can be paired with a number of other styles including the undercut and the fade. This is a very common hairstyle after a hair transplant.

You should know, however, that the slick-back look only looks good on people with long hair. 


Crew cut

The crew cut keeps your hair looking short and tidy, which makes sense, considering it’s a hairstyle that the military made famous in World War II. The style itself involves getting your front hair cut relatively short while the sides and back are even shorter. 

The hair on top is then parted to the right and tapered, meaning it gets shorter as you move towards the back. 


Buzz cut

Yet another hairstyle made famous by the army, the buzz cut is designed to keep your hair looking as short as possible without making you look bald

It’s an excellent look for males who have strong features and like the clean, no-nonsense, masculine vibe. 



You’ll probably recognize this look. Yes, it’s the one made famous by Elvis Presley! The Pompadour involves styling your hair in a high mound front, with the rest of your hair slicked towards the back. 

The only requirement for this hairstyle is for your hair to be longer than 3 to 4 inches. You can also combine it with a fade on the sides. 


Medium Length Wavy Hair

This is less of a style and more of a natural look for men whose hair falls roughly between the chin and the shoulders and is slightly curly. This type of hairstyle requires a bit more maintenance to make sure the hair stays perfectly wavy. 

You’ll have to trim your hair pretty frequently to avoid split ends and apply conditioner regularly to avoid frizz. 


Curly Fringe

The curly fringe hairstyle is by far the most popular among curly-haired men. The hairstyle itself involves curling the hair at the front of your head into bangs that fall over your forehead. It basically combines the texture and volume of your curly hair with distinctive-looking bangs. 



The undercut is a look that takes plenty of time to craft but makes you look incredibly suave and handsome once it’s complete. The trick is to let your front hair grow out while you get your sides trimmed and faded. 

The front hair is then carefully parted to either the right or the left and made to fall over one side of your faded head. 


Long Hair

Long hair is, again, more of a choice than a hairstyle. It also requires plenty of maintenance, conditioning and trimming. For your hair to be considered truly long, it needs to reach somewhere close to your shoulder. 

How Have Hairstyles Changed Over the Last Few Years?

Times have changed drastically when it comes to men’s hairstyles. A few years ago, there was only a standard set of hairstyles that males could choose from. All of which were in accordance with the world’s idea of what handsome and masculine looked like. 

However, in recent years, there’s been plenty of experimenting among the youth and the birth of various different styles that were never seen before. Styles that show off their identity, culture and societal values. 

Athletes and celebrities are partly responsible for these changes as well, as their experiments with styles have resulted in an entire generation emulating them. 

Having said that, the most popular styles among males are still the same ones from over a century ago, as is evident from the survey we conducted. 

So, while the world has adopted new styles, the idea of what a handsome man’s hair looks like has pretty much stayed the same. 

How Do I Know Which Hairstyle Suits Me?

Picking a hairstyle or trying a new one can be tricky because you can never know if you’ll be able to pull it off until you try it. 

However, there is a bit of science involved in understanding which hairstyle can work for you. Basically, you can narrow down the hairstyles that could work for you by first identifying what kind of face shape you have and what styles would look good with it. 

For example, if you have a square face, research tells us that you’re better off with a pompadour or buzz cut than a style that sports bulkier sides. The bottom line, however, is that you can’t know what works until you try it. 



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