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Dr. Karen Owen Written by Erin D. Updated on 20 Jun 2024
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25 Best Hair Transplant Doctors, Results & Countries

Dr. Karen Owen

This text was written according to the highest scientific standards and reviewed by medical experts. Find out more about our quality assurance.

Written by Erin D. Updated on 20 Jun 2024

It can be quite difficult to compile a list of the overall best cases, doctors and countries for hair transplants. However, we have done our best to compile a comprehensive list for our users. The best hair transplant clinic or doctor is dependent largely on an individual’s needs and priorities, the best doctor for one patient may not be appropriate for another patient. Using over 1,000 patient reviews and examining over 100 clinics across the world we have selected what we believe to be the highest quality clinics, results and countries to recommend our users to explore.

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10 Best Results FUE NW3, FUT NW5 etc.
10 Best Doctors By Cost-Effectiveness
5 Best Countries US, Turkey, Belgium etc.

10 Best Hair Transplant Results

Finding before and after photos of a similar hair loss case to your own is a very important step in evaluating a surgeon or clinic’s performance. Results photos are one of the most useful tools to use when trying to find a clinic to provide the hair treatment you desire. Not all results photos are created equal however, it is important to look for high resolution, well-lit photos. Sometimes clinics will publish dim, blurry photos in order to disguise the details of a poor hair transplant.

Before and After Hair Transplant

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When evaluating a before and after photo to assess the quality of a surgeon’s work there are several details you should review. Individual hair grafts should have been used to create the hairline rather than groupings to create the most natural hairline appearance and avoid a “pluggy-look”. Creating a natural hairline is one of the most difficult tasks for a surgeon during a transplant, they need to create a smooth transition from the hairline to the temples. Another difficult portion of the natural hair pattern for a surgeon to recreate is the crown, or vortex at the back of the head. The hair in this region grows in a spiral pattern and is relatively thin.

The surgeon’s ability to create the appearance of high density is a sign of their skill and experience. There should be at least 40% of the natural hair density after the hair transplantation. The surgeon can’t recreate the full hair density as they would have to strip the donor area in order to achieve this. If a surgeon overharvests the donor area at the back of the head the patient will have a patchy or moth-eaten appearance. Finally, you should find results photos of hair transplants the doctor has corrected in the past. If the surgeon is able to correct an unnatural hair line or cover an obvious FUT transplant scars this indicates they are highly skilled and qualified.

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10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics

It can be quite difficult to select the 10 best hair restoration clinics as there are thousands of them across the world. In addition, the best clinic for one patient may not work for another depending on their priorities and needs. Some patients may need a hair transplant clinic that specializes in the FUT method while another patient is a suitable candidate for the FUE method. However, by using our Medihair score and over 1,000 patient reviews we were able to compile a list of the top 10 best hair transplant clinics in our opinion. We evaluated over 100 certified clinics to create this list.

Our Medihair score uses three different main types of reviews to evaluate a hair restoration clinic. These include a Medihair review of individual cases, the patient’s review of the clinic and information on the clinic or surgeon’s personal experience.

Emotional impact of a hair transplant on a patient

The Medihair review consists of our experts evaluating before and after photos in detail as well as information regarding the case to assess the surgeon’s quality of work. We specifically look for details such as donor management, to make sure the doctor evenly harvests hair from the donor area, and a natural hairline design in the photos. We also seek out additional information to ensure the proper number of grafts are used in the transplant, the method used was appropriate for the patient and the doctor had a high degree of involvement in the procedure.

We also read as many patient reviews as we can about a clinic or surgeon to create a patient review section of our Medihair score. We rate clinics higher if patients describe the clinics as providing them with a positive experience during the consultation and the after care or recovery portion of their procedure. We also used patient reviews to evaluate the clinic’s level of hygiene during the procedure. We look closely into reviews to make sure the side effects a patient has after the procedure aren’t a result of poor practice.

Finally, we make our own evaluation of the clinic or surgeon’s experience to provide the last portion of our Medihair review. We have created a scaled points system to evaluate the total number of hair transplants, number of Medihair cases submitted and years of experience. We also use a scale to take the number of patient reviews and memberships in relevant medical societies into account.

We would be more than happy to provide the list of the 10 best hair transplant clinics:

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5 Best Hair Transplant Countries

Our experts have also done extensive research into the best countries to get a hair transplant done in. We looked into the number of highly regarded clinics in each country as well as the average prices offered per graft in each country. We have come up with a list of the top five best hair transplant countries.


Turkey has become one of the top medical tourism destinations for hair transplants in the world. Our experts have found at least 9 highly regarded doctors in Turkey for hair restoration procedures. Clinics in Turkey offer all-inclusive packages to entice patients to travel to their clinic for a hair transplant. These packages include flight tickets and hotel accommodation in addition to the price of a hair transplant to simplify the process for patients. There is an average cost of 1.07 USD per graft offered by clinics in Turkey, or a total of 2,675.61 USD for 2,500 grafts according to our hair transplant cost study.

The USA is home to at least 16 highly regarded doctors, according to the research our experts have conducted. The USA is also one of the most expensive countries included in our cost study to receive a hair transplant. They have an average price of 5.44 USD making it 2.46 USD more expensive than the global average. There is an average total cost of 13,610 USD for 2,500 hair grafts.

Another relatively inexpensive country to receive a hair transplant is India, which is home to at least 2 world-renowned hair surgeons. Our cost study found that clinics in India have an average price per graft that is 1.64 USD cheaper than the global average, the average price per graft in India is 1.34 USD. The average total cost of a hair transplant in India for 2,500 hair grafts is 3,350 USD.

Belgium is a popular European country for hair transplantation, with our experts finding at least 5 world-renowned hair restoration surgeons. Belgium is within a short traveling distance of most European countries, making it easily accessible for medical tourism. Our research has found that clinics in Belgium offer us an average price per graft of 3,68 EUR USD making it a relatively more costly country for hair transplants in comparison to the global average price of 2.98 USD.

The final country on our list of the top locations to get a hair transplant is Spain. Our researchers were able to find at least 3 highly regarded hair transplant surgeons working in Spain. Spain in addition to Belgium, is an excellent option for European individuals looking for locations to get a hair transplant. Our researchers were able to find an average price per graft of 2,95 EUR USD making it slightly less than the global average.

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How to Choose a Doctor or Clinic

Having to choose a doctor or clinic from the mass of options available on the internet can be a daunting task for individuals suffering from hair loss. Many unexperienced patients have no idea what to look for in doctors or clinics and no clue of where to begin their search. A hair transplantation, like any other kind of surgery, can be quite difficult to carry out and it is important you select an experienced surgeon to fulfill your needs. We have done our best to identify the most important details to review before making a decision on hair transplant clinic.

Before and after photos are the most important tool to use as a patient evaluating, as previously mentioned. Individuals should pay special attention to donor area and hairline in the results photos. The donor area should not be patchy or over-harvested after the surgery, and the hairline should have a natural appearance with a smooth transition to the temples. The hair should have a full, dense appearance as well. There should also be pictures from the doctor performing repair cases. Surgeons who are able to successfully perform repair cases demonstrate excellent experience and quality of work. Patients should make sure the before and after photos are consistent with their results and there are many cases to look through. We have many examples of quality results photos in our results section.

Most important criterion for the selection of the hair transplant clinic

Another question you should ask about the doctor is do they specialize in hair restoration or do they perform a myriad of procedures. Doctors who specialize in hair restoration will be able to provide a higher quality result and guarantee more consistency as they perform more hair transplants regularly. The doctor should also be able to select the most appropriate hair transplant technique according to the patient’s needs. For instance, a patient lacking hair in the donor region is a better candidate for the FUT method rather than the FUE method.

The best hair transplant clinics have a high degree of doctor involvement in their procedures. The doctor should be involved every step of the way to ensure the most consistent, highest quality of work. When technicians perform large parts of the surgery results are more likely to have an inconsistent quality. The doctor should only see one to two patients in a day in order to have this high degree of involvement without overworking and focusing on too many patients.

Willingness to travel abroad for the hair transplant

Despite the additional cost, we highly recommend patients schedule multiple consultations with various clinics and doctors. You shouldn’t make a decision on the first doctor you see just because they tell you what you want to hear in the consultation. You should explore all of your available options. Consulting with several doctors allows you to get a general consensus on the number of grafts you will need for your hair loss and the price of the surgery. This will help you avoid being overcharged as well.

Finally, patients need to ask surgeons the hard questions- for example, what’s the experience of the surgeon’s team? What’s their degree of involvement? What will they do if the procedure fails? Lastly, ask to meet in-person with some of their former patients. If you find some of their patients who are willing to zoom than that would be just as good. Patient reviews of the hair transplant clinics are an excellent way to get an idea of how hospitable the clinic and surgeon are during the consultation as well as the after care and recovery process. They should fully answer all of the patient’s questions and provide them with a thorough explanation of the procedure and side effects.

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What does your hair loss look like?

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