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Insparya is a pioneering group specializing exclusively in hair transplants and dedicated to the study of alopecia and the follicular unit. With over 14 years of experience, 10 centers, and more than 50,000 patients served, Insparya is at the forefront of revolutionizing hair transplantation. This innovative company combines research, extensive experience, and a commitment to innovation in hair health technology. Equipped with the latest technology and staffed by numerous doctors and professionals, Insparya is a leading reference in the field in Europe. Insparya aims to help individuals suffering from alopecia, driven by Paulo's personal experience and inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo's commitment, hard work, and spirit of improvement.

  • Video consultation:No
  • Location:Madrid, Spain
  • Languages:English, Español

Methods and Prices



  • No big scar
  • Minimally-invasive
  • More time-consuming than FUT
  • Head must be completely shaven

Pros and Cons

  • No big scar
  • Minimally-invasive
  • More time-consuming than FUT
  • Head must be completely shaven

Duration & Aftercare

  • 3 - 8 hours depending on the hair loss degree.
  • After the FUE surgery periodic check-up with the doctor are advisable but often not necessary.

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Insparya Hair Clinic Spain
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Nov 9, 2023

Son unos estafadores, solo venden imagen y humo. No te procede a un estudio antes del tratamiento, solo quieren desde el minuto 1 darte cita para coger dinero y ponerte el pelo sin estudio previo como es lo lógico.

They are scammers, they only sell image and smoke. They do not proceed to a study before the treatment, they only want to give you an appointment from minute 1 to take money and put your hair without prior study as it is logical.

Hair Transplant
Miguel Madrid
Nov 10, 2023
Me operé el 17/10
Had my procedure on

Me operé el 17/10 en Madrid y, de momento, todo va tal y como predijo el equipo de Insparya. Estoy muy contenta con la experiencia. Álvaro fue fantástico durante mi primera visita, explicando detalladamente el proceso y respondiendo a todas mis preguntas con gran profesionalidad. El día de la operación, Inés, Andrea, Yousra, Belén y Clara me proporcionaron una atención, comodidad y tranquilidad excepcionales, haciéndome sentir bien atendida. Ahora, sigo sus instrucciones al pie de la letra y espero ansiosa los resultados finales.

Had my procedure on 10/17 in Madrid and so far, everything is progressing just as the Insparya team predicted. I’m quite pleased with the experience. Álvaro was fantastic during my first visit, thoroughly explaining the process and answering all my questions with great professionalism. On the surgery day, Inés, Andrea, Yousra, Belén, and Clara provided exceptional care, comfort, and reassurance, making me feel well taken care of. Now, I’m following their instructions closely and eagerly waiting for the final results.

Hair Transplant
Dec 6, 2023
Clínica muy comercial
Very commercial clinic

Clínica muy comercial, solo quieren venderte el injerto desde el principio y no consideran otros tratamientos.

Very commercial clinic, they only want to sell you the graft from the beginning and do not consider other treatments.

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