Hair Transplant London

Medically reviewed by Dr. Sternberg Written by Alex Rode on 1 Feb 2021

Hair transplants are very common in London, and clinics there have a great reputation as many celebrities have chosen to receive their hair transplants there. Hair transplant clinics on Harley Street are very well renowned across the world. They are carefully monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to maintain high standards of hygiene and quality.

This guarantee of quality however comes at a high cost however, and there are certain factors to review before deciding on the location of your hair transplant clinic. Our experts have done extensive research to provide you a comprehensive overview of hair transplants in London so you can make an informed decision.

Hair Transplant London: Pro and Cons

Pro Cons
UK residents don’t have to travel very far at all to receive a hair transplant in London. It is also a familiar city and country for them, this makes it less intimidating than traveling to a foreign country for medical tourism purposes. Hair transplant costs in London are among the highest in the world, especially at famous clinics on Harley Street. These clinics have a reputation for performing celebrity hair transplants which allows them to charge higher prices.
Hair transplant clinics in London are famous for performing high quality hair transplantations for celebrities. These clinics and surgeons have lots of professional certifications, and the UK closely monitors the clinics. Clinics in London often perform hair transplants in more than one session, this also drives up the price of hair transplants and prolongs the wait time for a patient to achieve the results they desire.
If you elect to have a hair transplant in London, you can be sure to have a surgeon and technicians who are native English speakers, avoiding possible complications with language barriers.

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Hair Transplant Methods in London

The FUE hair transplant method is currently the most common technique used for hair transplantations in London. It is currently the preferred method for hair transplants, although many experts would argue that it is no better than the FUT method and depending on the patient’s individual needs a method should be selected.

The FUE method and the FUT method both involve the same three steps of removal, storage and insertion of the hair grafts. The storage and insertion phases for both methods are very similar, however the extraction techniques for the methods differs greatly.

Most common hair transplant method

The FUE method is a less invasive technique of extraction than the FUT method. A thin, hollow needle is used to remove hair groupings of one to four hair follicles from the donor area at the back of the head. The hair follicles are then stored in a sterile solution until the grafts are ready to be implanted. Finally, they are implanted into incisions made in the bald areas, e.g. in the crown or the receding hairline. This method causes minimal scarring which is desirable for patients as they wish to disguise their hair transplant as much as possible.

There are several further developments of the FUE method which are commonly used in London hair transplant clinics. The most common is the Direct Hair Implementation method, or DHI method. This technique has a very high survival rate as the grafts are removed from the scalp and blood supply for a much shorter time. A special, “CHOI pen” is used to extract the hair follicle then implant it directly into the scalp without the need to make an incision first.

The ARTAS method is another popular FUE method of hair transplantation used in London. This method uses the ARTAS robot to remove and implant the hair grafts, this is an attempt to remove manual error from the hair transplant process. However, this method is very expensive, and only works for a select few candidates. Individuals with curly hair, or light-colored hair are not able to use the ARTAS robot as it is very difficult for the machine to detect the hair follicles.

Almost half of the hair transplant patients receive between 2,000 and 2,999 grafts in their first session according to our hair transplant research:

Average number of grafts per hair transplant

The FUT method involves removing a full strip of skin from the donor area to dissect and harvest the hair grafts from rather than removing the follicles individually. This leaves behind a small, thin scar in the donor area that isn’t noticeable except with very short hair cuts. Despite the fact that it is relatively unnoticeable, many patients are nervous to get an FUT hair transplant for this reason. However, for certain candidates this method would provide a better hair transplant than the FUE method.

The FUT method is more suitable for candidates who don’t have a full donor area but still require a large number of grafts to be transplanted. It works better for younger patients as well; their scalps will heal more easily than older patients and leave behind minimal scarring.

The FUE method is more suitable for candidates who have a dense, full donor area that is well-defined. It is also preferred for patients who need a smaller number of grafts transplanted to fill in thinning areas of hair. This method is better for older patients who do not have the same healing ability as younger patients as the procedure is minimally invasive.

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Costs of Hair Transplants in London

The major drawback of hair transplants in London is the cost. The average cost per graft in the UK is 3.22 USD which is 0.24 USD greater than the global average. The average total cost of hair transplantations is therefore 8,050.00 USD for a hair transplant with 2,500 grafts. Many hair loss clinics in London, especially clinics on Harley Street, tend to be more expensive than the UK average. They have a very well-known reputation as many celebrities choose to go to these clinics for hair restoration procedures.

Hair transplant cost per country

The average global cost of a hair transplant is 6,208 USD total, with the price for graft being 2.98 USD. Our experts were able to calculate the total average cost of a hair transplant using the 2020 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) global census. They found the average cost per graft to be 2.98 USD.


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How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic in London

  • Quality is more important than quantity: Some clinics will attempt to generate more profit by treating a number of patients in a single day. This will come at a cost to each of the patients as they are not given the full attention of the surgeon, often resulting in a lower quality hair transplant. The best clinics and surgeons will perform 1-2 hair transplants in a day to achieve a personalized, high quality hair transplantation.
  • What parts of the procedure are performed by the surgeon? Certain clinics will advertise the name of a well-known surgeon to increase their number of clients who want the reputation of that surgeon when receiving a hair transplant. However, in reality only a small portion of the clients will have their hair transplant performed by the surgeon, or only a portion of the procedure will be done by the surgeon. This can lead to inconsistent transplant results as the technicians who actually perform the procedure don’t have as much experience or education as the surgeon.

hair transplant where

  • Surgeon qualifications: There are certifications given to hair transplant surgeons which demonstrate their level of qualification. It is recommended that you search for a surgeon who is a member of the BAHRS (British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery) or IAHRS (International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeon). In addition, a further level of certification a patient could search for is the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). An international qualification shows a high degree of skill and experience from the surgeon and clinic.
  • Proof of the results of their work: Hair transplant clinics will upload photos of the results of their procedures, it is important to review these for a sense of the results you can expect to achieve. Sometimes clinics will show poorly lit, blurry photos to disguise a sub-par performance. Proper results photos should be high resolution and very well-lit.
  • Read the reviews or meet their former patients: While the quality of a hair transplant clinic may be very high, their patient care outside of the procedure is harder to judge. The best way to assess the kind of care you will receive during your consultation and after care is to meet with former patients or look at the reviews from patients.

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Alternative Locations for Hair Transplants

The hair transplantation industry is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedure sectors. This means that locations all over the world offer high quality hair transplants for varying prices. London may not be the optimal location for your hair transplantation. You can take a look at the overview of methods and prices of clinics our experts have compiled for a number of various locations:

Is your preferred country or city not mentioned? No problem, just sign up and we will provide you with qualified hair surgeons near you.

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